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Just tried it for the first time. 
I think I’m in love (how gross does that sound, haha)  

Not to mention, the one I got is soy and gluten-free, also, so my mum can have it. <3 

A few years back we had a friendly competition to see who had the best egg salad recipe in the land. We had dozens of submissions and the winner is still on our menu board today. Try the The Bass Family egg salad with #SlugSlime & #Larrupin on an #organic garlic bagel today… Like, right now! (at los bagels)


FOOD TRAVEL JOURNAL: Quick roadtrip from Seattle to Oakland, down the coast.

Stop One: In Portland our trusty companion, AKA KNOWITALL, AKA Lil’ Maquina de TODOS, AKA my iPhone told us the nearest cafe. We stopped at Coava. I found a parking place around the corner, eyed the car nervously as we walked toward this mystery cafe and roaster.  We walked in the side room, through two giant doors, into a massive loft style room, barren shelves lined the wall adjacent our entrance and we peered around the massive warehouse space. We spied the shared business in the neighboring room was Bamboo Revolution. Uh huh, this place is for reals. They were not F-ing around. Minimal with reclaimed furniture, I was floored by the complete 100% Portland Hipster factor, but yet I loved every minute of it, from my Espresso menu choices to the low flow toilet flush option. When I ordered, I was asked, “And which espresso would I prefer” WHAT? This was a first for coffee nerd ME. A choice of roast for my 8 ounce Double Espresso Americano. Espresso ADVENTURES!  Jessica ordered regular coffee, however there were choices for that too. She was asked what roast she would like in her pour over coffee. YES! I KNOW! Sooooo Portlandia.  

But seriously, they roast single origin coffee and work exclusively with farmers. If you are in Portland, it is worth the stop. 

STOP 2-ish: Yelp help! Thanks strangers on the 101. We stopped at Fishpatrick’s Crabby Cafe and I had delicious fish n’ chips. I am always in pursuit of tasty fish ‘n’ chips and I could never find them in New York. They were just that- TASTY! I would go back.

Stop LAST: We pulled in after dark to the Trinidad Inn in the redwoods. The owner recommended we eat at Larrupin for dinner and she would call over to make sure they had not closed yet. We dropped off our stuff in our modern, affordable room complete with a flat screen tv. Clean. Updated. I recommend it to others, it was great for our purposes of a quick stop for the night to get sustenance and sleep.  

Then off to Larrupin’s down the road. Being my father’s daughter I noticed right away that there were beautiful oriental rugs adorning the main dining room, they were even being used as table cloths (with a glass top). Being my mother’s daughter I was excited for the menu that featured local foods. For dinner Jessica and I shared an entree of pork medallions. Their portions are large so you can pay a split fee and choose your own sides for your half. It was the perfect meal to end the day.