The noncapitals of art 

This issue of LARmagazine is dedicated to the non-capitals of art. It is a topic that worries me a lot, more so since I’ve been living for the last two months in Monterrey, a city in the North of Mexico that possesses the country’s greatest industrial development. It is a great place where millions are invested in cultural spaces and initiatives, but with an art scene that still seems somewhat scattered.

Art, in the case of an artist of any discipline, is a full time job. There are schedules for working, but there are no concrete schedules for the conception or maturation of an idea; what is vulgar and vaguely known as inspiration, correctly designated as an artistic process, materializes in what we know as artistic production, which is different from the “art” concept.
—  Emilio Rangel, Art According to God’s Enlightening

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Este número de LARrevista está dedicado a las no capitales del arte. Es un tema que me inquieta mucho, sobre todo porque desde hace un par de meses vivo en Monterrey, ciudad del norte de México que tiene el mayor desarrollo industrial del país. Es una gran urbe donde se invierten millones en espacios e iniciativas culturales, y sin embargo, tiene una escena artística aparentemente dispersa.