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9/26 – Brooklyn, NY – Baby’s All Right
9/27 – Brooklyn, NY – Baby’s All Right
9/28 – Philadelphia, PA – Boot & Saddle
9/29 – Cleveland, OH – Mahall’s
9/30 – Chicago, IL – Bottom Lounge
10/01 – Lincoln, NE - Vega
10/02 – Denver, CO – Larimer Lounge
10/03 – Salt Lake City, UT – Kilby Court
10/05 – Sacramento, CA – TBD Festival
10/06 – Los Angeles, CA – The Regent
10/07 – San Diego, CA – The Irenic



Apparently, Larimer County Department of Natural Resources has this area that they call “The Hole.” This “Hole” is a dip in the ground behind the headquarters building where they put roadkill animals. It’s now my scavenging ground!

There was most of a Mule Deer buck. He was just a yearling! More pics to come of him.

Then there was this fox! He was pretty fresh…so I’ll come back for him in a couple weeks.

So I Need Your Help

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Larime Taylor, and I make a comic book with my mouth. 


I was born with Arthrogryposis, a congenital defect that leaves me with little use of my arms and legs. Writing and art are all I have as far as job skills, so making comic books is about my only marketable option. I’ve been living on Social Security for 14 years, which is way below the poverty line, and this is my ticket out.

My book, A VOICE IN THE DARK, started as a Kickstarter to help me do a self-published pilot of sorts and get a publisher, and it worked. I got picked up by Top Cow, a part of Image Comics. Despite nearly universal rave reviews, however, sales are languishing. That’s largely because I’m a new creator, I’ve never worked at Marvel or DC, and few people know who I am.

It’s also in part because my book is black and white, and features a predominantly female cast of characters, many of color, and with realistic body types instead of hyper-sexualized fap material.


Here’s where I need your help.

You can read #1 and #2 online right now at Comixology or the Image digital store. Issue #3 comes out on the 15th, and #4 is still open for pre-order. You can call your comic shop right now and tell them to order a copy of #4 with the item number DEC130603. This is the most important part - getting pre-orders of #4 up. 

If you’re already a fan of the book, please consider sharing it with a friend.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, please consider giving it a chance.

I’m working very hard to change my life, and I’m putting out a pretty good book. I just need help spreading the word.

If nothing else, please re-blog this.

Thank you SO very much.




Bobcat!!! S/He was HUGE especially for a bobcat! I grabbed it’s head, one of it’s legs, and both scapulas. More pictures to come!

Apparently, Larimer County Department of Natural Resources has this area that they call “The Hole.” This “Hole” is a dip in the ground behind the headquarters building where they put roadkill animals. It’s now my scavenging ground! More pics to come!

Imagino nós dois na nossa casa, eu acordaria cedo e prepararia o café da manha, você enrolaria na cama morrendo de preguiça, depois de preparar o nosso café, voltaria para o quarto, te encheria de beijos e mimos, te fazendo acordar da forma mais gostosa que existe, você daria o seu primeiro sorriso e então eu morreria de rir da sua cara de sono e do seu cabelo bagunçado, você calçaria a sua pantufa de tigre e me mandaria calçar alguma coisa, eu desobedeceria e continuaria andando de meia, tomaríamos o café frio e voltaríamos para cama por causa da preguiça, ficaríamos ali a tarde toda, brincando, relembrando o começo do nosso namoro e possivelmente chorando por lembrar dos nossos momentos bobos - seria um choro de felicidade - , brigaríamos por causa de ciúmes, você me chamaria de boba e me surpreendia com um beijo, teríamos discussões sobre quem ama mais e sobre o nome dos nossos futuros filhos, o dia passaria assim e nós nem veríamos, de noite você sairia para comprar sorvete, enquanto eu faria brigadeiro, voltaríamos para cama, eu melaria o seu queixo com brigadeiro e limparia com um beijo, você me encheria de carinho e assim seriamos felizes, do nosso jeito, com todas as brincadeiras e besteiras.  (FeelingsSoft)

Disabled Couple Needs Help Moving!

I’m disabled comic book creator Larime Taylor, and my disabled wife Sylv and I need to relocate to be closer to family to help with our care. We currently live in the inland desert of California and we’re trying to move to Las Vegas where my family lives. We’ve been living below the poverty line for 14 years now, and while my recently published comic book series is helping a bit, it’s an indie book and sales are low. 

Cost of living in Vegas is MUCH cheaper, we’d have immediate family there to help us out with our daily needs, and as a caricature artist I’d have lots of new opportunities in a city full of events and conventions. We just need help getting there. I’m asking for your help in changing our lives and our future.


Silver Linings and Hearts of Gold.

A/N This started life as musical challenge but once I started writing I couldn’t stop. The song was Neil Young’s Heart of Gold.  This is a story of how Linda and Karim met. So ship name Kinda? or Larim?

Two weeks have passed since that night. They told me to carry on as normal but how can  I when she was the light of this house. When I return from work the house is still and quiet. The TV seems loud and harsh so I don’t turn it on anymore. There is no longer the buzz off the tape player where the tape played out as she listened to it falling into a deep sleep, no one to gently kiss goodnight. There are no silly fights, no laughter, there is no Rae.  My lead heart weighing heavily upon my chest. Those nights when the quiet becomes oppressive and stifling, I would climb into her bed and find comfort between those care bear sheets, I would curl up and trace the outlines of the stickers on the wall, snuggling up with an old teddy. Now, the sheets no longer smell like her but have the lingering smell of cheap perfume and bleach, like me.  After a fortnight I retreat back into my own room, the bed obscenely large, a reminder of my loneliness. This must be how Rae felt all those nights I was working, this can never be the case again. A home should not be a sanctuary of isolation but one of love and joy.

A month has passed; a new sense of normalcy has fallen over 18 Elm Park Road, now a house of one sole occupant. I had been taken off night duty. I would go to work , come home sit in front of the telly, some nights I would go down to bingo. Wednesdays and Saturdays were my favourite because I got to visit Rae.  The door to Rae’s bedroom now firmly shut a place to store all of my loneliness and hurt, I must keep the door shut. It was in this first month, that I came to realise that even the darkest cloud does indeed have a silver lining. On my way to the Bingo one night, as I drove through the sleepy streets of Stamford, I noticed a dark handsome man sitting on the bench outside the chippie, not an unusual sight but his face was one of pain and anguish, the look of loss that I recognised when I looked in the mirror. Despite a sudden urge to pull over and  sit with him I drove on. Sitting in Bingo hall with Claire Walter’s monotone voice calling out the numbers but my marker never hit the bingo card. My mind replayed the image of that sad almost broken man alone. I made up scenario after scenario of how he came to sit there all alone. When bingo ended and those who’d paid attention returned to their welcoming homes with their little winnings. Loitering at the exit, a loud honk shook me from my reverie , it was Polly Jeffers. I gave her a small apologetic wave ‘Bitch ‘ I muttered as indicated to turn home avoiding the route which would take  me past the chippie.  I was acting like a mad woman, daydreaming about a man I had only caught a glimpse of. He was probably so upset because the chippie were all out of battered sausages.  I chuckled to myself.

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Se eu te pedir pra vir aqui, você vem? Fica comigo nem se for só essa noite? Deixa eu tentar de mostrar o quanto eu te amo e matar essa saudade? Eu quero você, o meu coração grita pelo seu nome, eu to precisando da sua presença, dos seus toques, tudo é tão perfeito quando estamos juntos, então.. Deixa eu eternizar esses momentos? Quero pegar na sua mão e não soltar nunca mais, quero ver o seu rosto ao amanhecer e ver que a minha imaginação virou realidade. Ei, deixa eu te fazer feliz? eu prometo não ser muito complicada, nem muito implicante, eu apenas quero você, nem se for só por hoje, eu quero só você. Vem ficar comigo? Arrisque ir embora e me diga que do meu lado você nunca mais sairá?  Por favor, eu preciso muito de você, muito mesmo. (FeelingsSoft)

Você me faz ficar completamente boba, as suas palavras, o seu jeito me deixam sem saber o que dizer. É incrível o modo de como você me deixa bem e feliz, toda a força que eu preciso para viver, eu encontro quando estou com você, não é a toa quando eu digo que você é tudo que eu preciso, dentre todas as coisas do mundo, você é realmente a única que eu preciso. (feelingssoft)