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luke goes all out with the proposal

"Can my lovely girlfriend come out on stage please?" You looked at Luke from backstage, surprised that he was interrupting his show to bring you onstage. You were sure that the fans all the way in the back could see the blush on your cheeks but regardless, you walked center stage and met your boyfriend’s outstretched arm. "Alright," Luke continued, "As most of you know, my beautiful girl and I have been dating for five years today." He paused and the crowd erupted in cheers and he grinned, turning you to face another large screen that has been rolled out on stage behind you. "I have a video I would like to share with her while we play this next song," Luke said, playing the opening notes of your favorite song. The song that Luke wrote for you on your last anniversary; in your opinion the most beautiful song Luke had ever written. A video began playing before you, perfectly synced with the music. It started from the beginning, someone had managed to dig of the photo of when you and Luke had first met when the two of you were fourteen, all gangly arms, acne, baby fat, and braces. You hid your face behind your hands and glanced at Luke; he was grinning while he sang. The video covered every year of your relationship and by the end you were in tears. The crowd was screaming again and when you turned to them, you were caught off guard by Luke, who was now on one knee in front of you, holding up the most beautiful ring you had ever seen. You cried harder, covering your mouth with your hands. "Baby, I love you so much. These past five years have been the best years of my life. Will you marry me?" he said, biting his lip lightly. For the first time all night, the crowd was silent, waiting for your answer. But when you nodded and Luke exclaimed, "Really?!" the crowd was alive again and didn’t stop screaming until after Luke had slid the ring onto your finger and pulled you into a passionate kiss.

Truly waiting for the anons who will not shut up about white actresses infiltrating Indian cinemas to come forth and openly discuss how disgusting it is that North Indian actresses have infiltrated South Indian cinemas to the point that South Indian women have nearly no large screen representations of themselves. And on that note, further waiting for people to discuss how inherently wrong ‘dubbing’ culture is and how it reduces all women in cinema to these bizarre normative building blocks where directors can choose their voices, skin colors, etc. etc. all for the sake of best matching a male actor who will never in the trajectory of his career have to deal with any of this. Waiting.

Then there’s the fact that Carter is the first Marvel property run by women—longtime writing partners Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas (Resurrection)—which is a little ironic for a story that takes place in an era when women with power were all but nonexistent. Both behind and in front of the camera, Agent Carter is changing the rules of the superhero game. “It’s absolutely vital that we’re saying to Hollywood—and to the world—female-centered roles are important,” Atwell says. “They are watched. They are bankable. The audiences want them.”
—  Natalie Abrams. “Agent Carter crashes the boys’ club.” Entertainment Weekly. 2 Jan. 2015. Web.

Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater 

The Sci-Fi Dine In Theater is a very unique and fun restaurant
located in the Disney Hollywood Studio park at Walt Disney World. Diners sit
inside replica cars at this indoor “drive-in theater” while old black and white
movie clips, trailers, and commercials play on a large movie screen ahead.
Above, the ceiling is lit up like the night sky, complete with twinkling stars.
See the menu at:

First things first, the Elton John AIDS Foundation does amazing work, having raised more than $45 million, according to a publicist […]. Guests’ pledges are also projected onto a large screen, which adds incentive to make a big donation. (I know exactly how much you gave, Chris Colfer, and I’m proud of you.)
—  What It’s Like Inside Elton John’s Annual Oscars Viewing Party [BuzzFeed]

Sometimes, life is hard, and you lose hope…

…but then there’s that light that brightens up your life…

…and lets you know that everything is going to be okay…

…by showing you that a 3840 x 2160, 5 MB picture of a volus pizza delivery guy exists on the Internet. For free. Just waiting for you to look at it. All 8294400 pixels of pure volus magic.

Life is good.

Acer Iconia Smart hits the FCC, readies to smack AT&T with 1024 x 480 screen?

Acer promised a 4.8-inch, 1024 x 480 tabletphone would arrive in April 2011, and April’s nearly through — but don’t cross off the Acer Iconia Smart yet, because that brushed aluminum frame has just materialized at our favorite government institution. Yes, the FCC laid eyes on radiation test reports for the Android 2.3 device, which reveal that the quad-band GSM handset is headed to both Canada and the US. Given that the North American version only has 850, 1900 and 2100MHz 3G frequencies, it sounds like a lock for AT&T. Inside, you’ll find a 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8255 processor, 512MB each of ROM and RAM, an 8 megapixel autofocus camera with LED flash, a 2 megapixel front-facing cam, micro-HDMI output capable of 720p, a 1500mAh user-replaceable battery and all the usual 802.11 b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1 and GPS trimmings you’d expect. Now, Acer, how about a new release date?


Multi-touch installation for Football World Cup 2018 Organising Committee.

"Russia — the Country of Sports" forum, 8—10 of September 2011, Saransk, Russia.

More great projects:

Via @interactiveflow Moscow

8 round multi-touch displays were mounted into 18 meters wide wall in a individual pavilion. Each of them running interactive presentation of the history of all World Cups.

The installation was based on a series of unique photos of real balls from the finals of past football world cups. Visitors could rotate every ball’s 3D model, immersing into the history of football.

Only Bad Girls Tease - Michael Clifford Smut

Warning: It gets kinda kinky up in here

Tonight was our monthly movie night with Luke and his girlfriend, meaning we went to the theaters and ate loads of popcorn.  I was feeling different tonight though and the moment we left the house, I wanted to return and do other things.  

Michael drove us to the movies as I bounced my thigh up and down, wanting to just pounce on him.  It took everything I had to not throw myself at him as he drove without a clue.  We arrive at the theatre and meet up with Luke and hi girlfriend before walking inside to buy popcorn and sit down in front of the large screen.  We collected everything and sat ourselves in one of the rows that was empty.  I sat near the wall, Mikey next to me, Luke, and then his girlfriend.  The previews played for an agonizingly long time as I just wanted it all to be over with so we could go home.  The lights finally dimmed and the movie began, bringing us closer to what I’ve been anticipating.  

Half an hour passes and I feel as though I can’t contain myself.  I look over to Michael who is completely oblivious while watching the movie.  A wetness develops in my pants as I squeeze my thighs together, just wanting his attention.  I slowly and subtly reach my hand and rest it on Michael’s knee.  He smiles at the gesture, not taking his eyes away from the movie, but he doesn’t know what I have in mind yet.  I move my hand up slowly to his thigh, making him squirm slightly.  I run my hand over the same spot a few times as he places his hand on top of mine, stopping every motion.  ”Babe stop.”  he whispers.  I smirk as I graze my hand over his growing erection.  His breath hitches while grabbing my hand again, making sure that I don’t put it back.  ”You’re in for a punishment tonight.”  he leans in, whispering into my ear.  I feel throbbing in between my legs as I just want to get him home and see what he’ll do to me.  The rest of the movie, he doesn’t even touch me.  He rests his hands on his lap, not even thinking to hold my hand or rest it on my leg.  The movie seems to be coming to an end so I reach over yet again, and subtly stroke him through his jeans while smirking but not taking my eyes away from the screen.  He grabs my wrist, holding it for a second before placing it back on my lap.  ”You’ll be punished tonight princess.”  he whispers in my ear again as the movie ends and he stands up immediately.  I grow even more aroused at the nickname as we get up and walk out, saying goodbye to Luke and his girlfriend before quickly getting in the car and racing home.  Not a word is said the whole ride as I anticipate the night and Michael grips the steering wheel tightly.  

Finally, we reach our house and hop out, rushing to the front door.  Michael follows behind, unlocking the door without a single expression on his face.  He opens the door, gesturing for me to go first as he steps in after.  Not even seconds later, he grabs me by the waist and pins me to the door, his green eyes looking down into mine.  His lips press to mine with hunger as I grip his shoulders.  He takes my hands and pins them above my head as he bites my bottom lip, allowing me to release a moan.  He places his hands on the back of my thighs as I feel his hot breath against my face.  ”Jump.”  he growls in my ear.  I obey right away and wrap my legs around his torso as he carries me to the bedroom while leaving marks down my neck.  ”Remember the safe word?”  he whispers.  I nod, just wanting him.  He kicks the door closed with his foot and sets me down on the bed while biting at my collar bones.  I begin to lift his shirt up but he pulls away, shaking his head.  ”You’ve been naughty, and being naughty doesn’t get you what you want.”  he tsks.  I let out a little whine as he plays with the bottom of my shirt while standing and towering over me.  ”What do you want me to do?  Start from the very beginning.”  he demands.  ”I-I want you to rip my clothes off and-”  I start to explain as he makes a rip down the middle of my shirt.  ”And what sweetheart?”  he encourages as he lays me down, hovering over me.  He discards the ripped shirt to the side as he toys with the top of my jeans.  ”I want your tongue.”  I tell him, feeling that throbbing sensation again.  ”Mmhm.”  he hums, waiting for me to go on as he tugs the jeans off my legs.  ”A-and I want, I want you inside me!”  I raise my voice as his cold hand makes contact with the lower part of my stomach.  ”I think that can be arranged.”  he smirks.  ”But, you’re gonna have to earn it.”  he smiles devilishly.  ”Mikey.”  I whimper as he stands up from the bed leaving me in only my underwear.  ”Patience, kitten.”  he says pressing his index finger to his lips.  I prop my head up on my elbows to see him rustling around in a drawer.  He closes the drawer and walks back over, setting a box down as he sits back on the bed.  ”What’s that?”  I ask innocently.  ”You’ll find out soon enough princess.”  He says lifting his shirt over his head and throwing it across the room while hovering over me again.  ”But first…” he begins to say while tracing a finger over the fabric of my lacy black bra while the other hand over the waistband of the matching panties.  ”These need to come off.”  he says ripping the strap to the bra and practically tearing it off my body.  He then moves to my underwear but moving his head so I feel his breath against my stomach.  He takes the waistband in between his teeth, pulling back as the material rips, leaving me completely exposed.  I would have whined about my expensive lingerie being ruined but I was too caught up in his actions and the problem in between my legs to care.  My hands find themselves in his faded galaxy colored hair as he leaves kisses up my stomach to my breasts.  He pulls away so I’m not able to reach him anymore.  ”You’re not getting away from your punishment that easily.”  he says grabbing the box from behind him, taking something out from it.  He takes my hands, pinning them above my head and tying them to the headboard with a rope securely.  ”No touching.”  he smirks while running his hands over my body.   I whimper while squeezing my legs together, desperate for friction.  His hands push my hips down, disabling me from giving myself the slightest bit of pleasure.  ”Being more naughty are you?”  he says while taking something else out of the box which I see is a blind fold.  He wraps it around my head, taking away my sight.  I find myself rubbing my legs together again but he immediately stops them again.  ”The more you do naughty things, the more you have to wait.”  he disciplines.  I hear him taking something else out of the box as he spreads my legs apart but he doesn’t do what I’m hoping for.  I feel cold metal against my ankles as he chains them to the opposite side of the bed.  ”Now you can’t be a bad girl.”  I can practically see his smirk.  I feel myself growing wetter and wetter but can’t do a thing about it as I literally start to ache for him.  ”Michael.”  I whimper as I tug on the restraints.  ”Princess, you’ve been bad so I have to punish you.”  he says stroking my cheek with his hand.  ”Are you gonna be good for me?”  he says into my neck as I feel shivers run through my body.  I nod, wishing to see his face.  ”Use your words kitten.”  he says as I feel his fingers ghost over my heat, causing my hips to buck up.  ”Y-yes”  I stutter out.  ”It’s not nice to tease, you know, princess?”  I don’t answer as I feel that he’ll continue.  ”You had your fun but now I’m gonna have mine.”  he growls as one finger softly travels up my entrance, but never dipping in.  ”So wet for me.”  he states with satisfaction.  I gasp at the contact as I ache even more.  ”You want me to fuck you?”  he asks teasingly.  ”Mhmm”  I moan out as one hand travels down my thigh.  ”You have to show me you want it.”  he demands.  ”Michael please!”  I say tugging on the ropes.  ”I need more convincing than that sweetheart.”  he says resting a hand over my heat but not doing anything with it.  ”I need you Michael, I need you to fuck me!”  I tell him as I struggle to move my legs around but it’s no use.  ”It hurts Mikey, I need you to make it better!”  I pout.  ”Seems as though you’re having a tantrum.”  he says placing a kiss to my lips.  ”But remember, bad girls don’t always get what they want.”  he says running his hands up my arms, I feel as if he’s going to untie me but he brings his hands right back down to my breasts.  His head lowers to my aching heat and he kisses my inner thighs, making my back arch off the bed.  ”I’ll tell you what, if you can handle me running my finger up and down this pretty little pussy of yours for 5 whole minutes I’ll give you a little treat.”  he coaxes as I feel him press a finger lightly over my slit.  ”Think you can handle it?”  he asks already doing the action.  ”Y-yes.”  I whimper as I just want to feel all of him inside me.  ”Time starts now.”  he says in a cocky voice as his finger moves along my folds.  I start to try and grind my hips up but his hand stops them as he still glides his finger along.  ”Not so fast, only I get to pleasure you.”  he tells me as I squirm under his touch.  I bite down on my bottom lip as I just wait for time to go faster.  ”2 more minutes.”  he tells me as I start to grow impatient.  I clench my hands at the feeling of his skin on mine, just wanting to run my hands all over his beautifully pale body.  Suddenly the contact of his finger is gone and I feel relieved but empty.  ”You’ve been a very good girl for me princess, I think you deserve an award.”  he says taking the blindfold off, allowing me to see his face.  I sigh as he presses his lips to mine, trailing them down my jaw and all the way down my body, above where I need him most.  Before diving in, he releases my ankles from the restraints and he places my legs over his shoulders, allowing more access.  I feel his tongue kitten lick my clit and my back arches like before.  Without warning, his tongue slides in, hitting all he right spots as his hands keeps a grip on my thighs.  His tongue works magic on me as I moan loudly.  I feel my orgasm build up and get closer as his tongue glides across the right spot multiple times.  Before I can release he pulls out, leaving me a moaning mess.  ”You may have been good for me but that doesn’t change the fact that you were a tease earlier.”  he says smirking while licking his lips.  I whimper and squeeze my thighs together again, wanting to feel more.  ”Don’t be sad princess, I’ll get the job done… eventually.”  he smirks yet again.  I tug hard at the rope, leaving marks for sure, frustrated that I can’t just grab him and feel him pound into me.  He finally unbuttons his jeans, slowly pulling them down his legs as I watch and squirm.  He’s left only in his boxers but he quickly discards them to the side, revealing his large erection.  He hovers over me yet again as his tip slides against my entrance, making me gasp.  ”Mikey!”  I yell, wanting him then and there.  ”Eager are we?”  he raises an eyebrow.  ”I guess you’ve been good.”  he states.  ”But there’s one rule.”  he explains.  I whine at how long it’s taking to pleasure me.  ”Now, be a good girl.”  he interrupts his little speech as he holds my hips in place.  ”No releasing until I say so.” he says looking me directly in the eyes with his emerald orbs.  ”Mikeyyy!”  I whimper as I struggle to move under his grip.  ”Baby girl, I’m only going to make you wait if you keep whining.”  he says pouting his bottom lip as if he’s mocking me.  ”Can you at least untie me?”  I plead innocently as I bat my eyelashes at him.  ”I’m afraid I can’t do that, bad girls need to be punished.”  he tells me as I sigh in defeat while he has the biggest smirk on his face.  ”Remember, no releasing until I tell you to.”  he says strictly.  I nod eagerly, not caring about his stupid rule, I just want him to do something.  He finally slides himself into me, filling me with pleasure as he starts quickly moving in and out, hitting every spot that I need.  ”Michael.”  I moan while throwing my head back.  ”Fuck.”  he groans as he keeps thrusting.  His lips find mine as he roughly kisses me while brushing a strand of hair out of my face.  I start to feel my climax build up and he feels it too, stopping all of his actions.  ”Were you going to cum without me?”  he questions.  I realize my mistake and play the innocent card again.  ”S-sorry, Mikey.”  I tell him batting my eyes at him again while pouting my bottom lip.  ”You’ve been naughty baby girl, this means you’ve earned yourself a timeout.”  he says pulling out of me and standing up.  ”I’ll be back in 5 minutes and you better not try and pleasure yourself again by moving those beautiful hips of yours cause I’ll hear you.  You moan very loudly my dear.”  he says before walking out of the room and closing the door.  I try my best to stay as still as possible, feeling the urge to move and squirm but I resist.  I heavily breathe as I grip the headboard, most likely leaving scratches on the nicely painted wood.  My chest moves up and down and beads of sweat form on my forehead.  I feel tortured, I feel empty, I need him.  Soon enough, he comes walking in again, looking me over.  ”Have you been good?”  he asks crawling on top of me.  ”Yes Mikey I’ve been really good, I’ve been a good little slut for you!”  I tell him excitedly but impatiently as well.  ”I think my little princess has finally learned to behave.”  he tells me, pressing a kiss to my cheek.  ”But I won’t be untying you.”  he smirks as my face drops.  ”I’m sorry, you were bad earlier, I can’t go on without punishing you now can I?”  he explains as he lines up at my entrance again.  ”Are you going to try and cum without me again?”  he questions while tilting his head to the side.  ”N-no, I p-promise.”  I stutter as his tip grazes over my heat.  ”That’s my girl.”  he says before pushing into me again, engulfing me in the state of pure euphoria.  I feel myself build up but don’t let it get any farther than that, I don’t want to be punished any longer.  ”That’s it, hold on tight baby girl.”  he says while not breaking eye contact from me, his face taken over with the expression of pleasure.  The room fills with moans as he thrusts in and out and his hips rock against mine.  I’ve been holding the knot in my stomach for some time now, just waiting for him to tell me to let go.  I squeeze my eyes shut, concentrating on holding onto everything.  ”Look at me.”  Michael demands.  I open my eyes. staring into his as our bodies become sweaty.  ”Shit.”  Michael says as his face twists in pleasure.  ”Okay baby release with me.”  he says and as I hear those words I instantly let myself go, becoming a mess of moans and sweat.  ”God damn.”  Michael moans into my shoulder while biting down on it.  He starts to shake his head as we both come down from our high.  ”We’re not done yet.”  he says as hair sticks to his forehead.  Still inside of me, his hand reach up and untie the rope holding me to the bed.  My hands go straight to his hair as he passionately kisses me.  I look to my wrists and see that they’re covered in marks from me tugging so hard at the rope.  ”Baby girl I’m so sorry.”  Michael whispers as he takes my wrists in his hands, kissing them while still straddling me.  ”It’s fine, it was worth it.”  I tell him smiling while grabbing the back of his neck, bringing him down to my lips again.  He pulls out of me, letting s enjoy a moment of passion with our lips while his hands roam my body and mine get lost in his hair.  ”Ready?”  he asks leaning his forehead against mine.  I nod and he presses himself against my entrance again but this time, slowly pushing in.  Once he was all the way in, he starts slowly thrusting while not breaking the kiss.  He gently runs a hand through my hair and I feel him smile against my lips.  We move at a slow and steady pace, gazing into each other’s eyes at times.  He makes love to me as he smiles and his eyes sparkle.  Not a word needs to be said as we share this time together.  ”I love you.”  he says rubbing his nose against mine lightly.  ”I love you too.”  I tell him while running a hand down his arm.  I start to feel myself reach my second orgasm and I moan softly while his thrusts keep at the slow pace.  ”Let it all go baby girl.”  he whispers while admiring my every movement.  ”Michael.”  I whisper moan as he places a kiss to my lips and releases soon after me.  He pulls out and lays himself next to me, wrapping his arms around me while pulling the sheets over us.  ”I love you so much.”  I tell him while leaning up to kiss his cheek.  ”I love you so much more princess.”  he smiles before putting a finger under my chin so he can peck my lips.  My eyes get heavy from the recent activity and I feel myself drift to sleep.  ”Goodnight sunshine.”  Michael whispers as he traces shapes into my bare hip with his fingers.    



[Hands-On] 高CP值、亮麗大螢幕的隨身遊戲機:GALAXY E7實測心得分享!



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