So I got a summer care package from my wonderful wonderful friend Matt yesterday. I knew it was coming but I had no idea it was going to be a box of awesome!!!

I actually squealed when I pulled out the Adventure Time - Finn tee shirt!!! I had the biggest freaking grin on my face. I am wearing it today as I run my errands.

I know I already said this but you really didnt have to do all this Matt. You are awesome and such a good friend … a best friend. Yet another amazing thing tumblr has done. 

He included a copy of his tv show he made last semester for school on dvd (which you can see here) and gave me one of his bracelets … which I was worried wouldn’t fit these fat wrists of mine, but it does. :D I really dig it too … I think its hemp and leather. He also included a playbill of the play The Robber Bridegroom he was in. I also got a 2 sided coloring book page he colored of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Heehee ^__^ So yeah … pretty freaking awesome.

Thank you Matt! <3

my dream last night ...

just a silly dream, but i wanted to share … so I was invited to a friends pool party; well this friend lived in a mansion and his “pool” was more like a water park haha and for some reason I brought my cat Helo with me and he was just so excited to go swimming! LOL! He played and swam in all the pools and fountains … it was sooo weird. 

it only reminded me that the “Helo-Monster” does need a bath … I think when he gets his bath I will try to take pics of the ordeal. Giving him a bath is quite the event. I basically have to strip down to my underwear and get in the bath with him. LOL 

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so the last couple weeks have been really shitty. very shitty. i am dealing with a lot of internal crap right now and not processing it well. my weekend i got bailed and cancelled on left and right. there was one really great thing that happened but i am not dwelling on it. but of course it all went back to what has been norm and today started off on a low note. got a bit depressed sunday and slept for 12 hours and in those 12 hours had some really upsetting and fucked up dreams and work was a beat down today … but 2 people kept me sane through all that with their much appreciated text messages. thank you matt & todd; your messages here and there may seem like just little things; but they mean the world to me and i want you to know that. 

tonight i realized i fucked up again on something simple and lost that micro sd card i already posted about with content i cant replace; which really pissed me off and upset me … but again just hearing from 2 of the most important people in my life really made the difference. also while unexpected and it interrupted an already set chat; my friend heather who is doing a semester abroad in australia called me on skype and we caught up. it was fun even though very one sided. finally, the cherry on top to what turned out to be a good night was connecting with a patient friend and just being ourselves together even if for just a little bit. :3

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For Matt

I say a little prayer …