[He bows showily, taking extra care to make this girl feel like a princess.]

Forgive me, madame, for your beauty is so intoxicating, I can barely contain myself. Here, for you.

[Seemingly out of nowhere, he hands her a light purple rose, turning the charm up to the nth degree.]


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-He stares at her for a full minute, at least. It’s not like he watched that show when he was a kid or anything, but of course he knows Sailor Moon. Who doesn’t? And that’s… definitely Sailor Moon right in front of him. Or a really good cosplay.-

-Had to be a really good cosplay. Stands were one thing, but anime characters?-


Hey, kid, that’s not a bad cosplay you’ve got on.

-Even if it was pretty weird to see someone just walking around in cosplay like that.-

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Another morning at the Edgeworth & Co. Law Offices. Quietly, a pot of tea is placed on Mr. Edgeworth's desk, along with a cup, and a plate of biscuits. Propped up against the pot, a small card with an insignia of a crescent moon, which ought to be familiar by now. Somehow, though, it seems too quiet in the office, and... there's the nagging sense of being watched, even as benign affection and submission is expressed... in the bringing of tea.

[Gregory entered his office at around eight o’clock in the morning. Once he had closed the door and was heading towards his desk, he spotted the pot of tea and looked at it in mild surprise.]


[This of course was not the first time that this has happened but he was beginning to get slightly worried about the security that the lock on his door provided. He didn’t mind the tea from the generous and thoughtful visitor but he wondered briefly if anyone with malicious intent could open his door at any moment they wanted as well.

He told himself to get a more secure lock placed on his door right after work for his safety.]