February 05, 2012 // 03.05.12

~Umaga, Well. Binago ung tono ng LCUP hymn. HAHAHAHA. Nagtatawanan kanina mga studyante sa gym wiiii. Eh bsta nakakapanibago kasi ung tono. HAHAHAHA. :DD

~Science, Inasikaso namen ung NAT.

~English, Nag review para sa NAT.


~Religion, Kantahan sandali kay Tatay. Tas daldalan.

~Math, Nag check nung NAT nmen.


~Fil, Daldalan. Heart to Heart talk w/ Khyla & Lianne. :D Na enjoy ko naman yun. <3 Bonding nadin namen un. 

~Makabayan, Review2x lang. Daldalan ganun.

~Uwian, Pumunta kame sa 7-Eleven kasama ko sila Lianne, Sofia, Jeanette, Meann, Sydney, & Jenna. :D <3 Lamon to the maxxxx kame. :))))



So today...


I remember waking up and remembering that I had some preeeeetty strange dreams last night looool. I was thankful I didn’t have any bad dreams from that scary pop up though LOL. Hmmm it was around 1:45pm ish when I finally rolled out of bed lol. I am so lazy zomg but whatever. I told myself I would catch up on my sleep during spring break! I don’t even remember what I did today.. Today wasn’t too eventful. LOL oh yeah I woke up to like 50 million texts and one of them was from Lulu asking if I wanted to go somewhere in an hour.. the thing is when I woke up and saw the text, over an hour had already passed LOOOOL SORRY LU I LOVE YOU! Tomorrow is our day <3 Uhhh I basically didn’t do anything but tumble until I reached post limit.. ugh. And then I added a few a lot of songs to my ipod loll. I absolutely love the feeling of having newly downloaded songs on my ipod. XD Its great xD Just downloading them is a pain ugh. Me and Jonathan had an unplanned skype date tonight but it went well like always c: I had a lot of good laughs LOL gooooood timeees. And then afterwards, I spent some time with my parents and watched tv with them. cx Anyways I’m tireeeed so goodnight! c: