Youtube Polyglots

What do you think of them? Do you have a favorite? One that shares ideas/learning methods with you? Do you post videos yourself? Any opinions! 

Personally, I really like Moses McCormick, (AKA laoshu505000). I think he’s really smart and is just a good, honest person who genuinely loves to learn languages. :) He gives good advice too!

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This is legit one of the most amusing and amazing things I’ve seen. As a kid, I wanted to learn a crap-ton of languages, but I let that goal get pushed aside. This video makes me want to work on that goal again.

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Moses is so encouraging. He doesn’t know that much of most of the languages he speaks, but he knows enough of tons of languages to be able to converse at least a little bit with nearly anybody, and he gets amazing responses to it almost 100% of the time. He is an awesome example of a polyglot in action.

Random Update

Today I had an awesome day today. I tried my attempt at leveling up, a term and method coined up by “laoshu505000”. You basically face your fears by engaging in a conversation with a native speaking using only the language spoken in their mother tongue. I had tried it out with 5 different people and they were so impressed with my speaking even though I stumbled over a couple of words. That put a huge smile on face knowing that my hard work is starting pay off. Did I occasionaly have to use English because of my lack of Spanish vocabulary? Yes. But that inspired me to push myself to learn even more. I am grateful that they were so kind to me and gave me the privelage of speaking such a beautiful. I will only get better from here.

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This guy is amazing! He just started learning Spanish, and this is how far he is along with it! Wow! I wish I was as dedicated as he is. I definitely have to try harder.

Hasta la Fecha ((Spanish)) (by laoshu505000)