Thanks so much for the encouragement <3 Right now our biggest problem is that Matthew hasn’t been able to find a job, and he’s been looking for months. Technically, I probably make enough on my own to afford housing and groceries, I haven’t looked into it but I could probably make it work. Unfortunately while I’m still in school it isn’t really an option, my parents are paying for a good chunk of my education under the (very reasonable) condition that should they need my help they can ask for me to chip in a few grand here or there. Having them help me out now is more beneficial for me in the long run, I want to avoid debt as much as possible, so I’m constantly putting money away in case they need some help making the quarterly payments. If both Matthew and I were chipping in to make payments on rent, groceries, etc. I could still afford to put money away for my parents, but if I was managing it alone I probably couldn’t.

This summer I’m really going to have to squirrel money away, not only do I have to pay out of pocket for a summer course that would be too stressful to take during the school year (you need to complete like 30 (?) hours of volunteer work, there’s no way I’d be able to juggle that with two jobs and 15 credits), but Senior Thesis is on the brink, and that gets pricey. You pay for the whole project out of pocket, and there are a lot of expenses to look into - materials, printing, anything you need for the exhibition setup, promotion items, etc. I want to make sure that I not only have enough stored up to help Mum and Dad out, but also to pay for things that really are my responsibility alone.

In short, if I didn’t have to put so much money towards schooling, I’d be out of here in a blink dragging Matthew along behind me. Frustrating as it is to not be able to afford other things though, college really is worth it, and if I absolutely have to wait until I’m out of school to move, well, that’s what I have to do. It’s just difficult to come to terms with that sometimes.