"Reconnect" KINGDOM HEARTS Medley/Remix by Lanxodt

A medley/remix of Kingdom Hearts music combining orchestral and dance sounds. The unfinished version was posted on tumblr a few weeks ago: this is the final version. Made in honor of the 10 Year Anniversary for the series. Please, celebrate with me one of the most wonderful video game series that has ever been. <3

Music included:

  • Dearly Beloved
  • Traverse Town
  • Xion’s Theme
  • Roxas’s Theme
  • Ventus’s Theme
  • Kairi’s Theme 

Please, feel free to share with keyblade masters, keyblade wielders, princesses of heart, Organization XIII members, heartless, nobodies, unversed, dream eaters, and any other entities whether they be on Destiny Islands, Tumblr, Facebook, or Traverse Town. But, most importantly, have a magical day!

Artisan Dragon (Spyro the Dragon Remix)
  • Artisan Dragon (Spyro the Dragon Remix)
  • Lanxodt
  • Lanxodt

Lanxodt - Artisan Dragon (Spyro the Dragon Remix)

Something many of you might not know about the guy behind a-faun-you-dork: I’m a music producer! I’ve blogged this before, but seeing so many new followers (or afyds as I like to call you!) led me to thinking that they might enjoy knowing this exists!

Lanxodt - Clouds Drifting By

I’ve been inspired lately more by Stewart Copeland and classical artists more than my usual EDM bands. This was a small little experiment in rhythm. It sounds vaguely like something Nintendo would do. I even want to say “Zelda”, but I might be imagining the similarities. Let me know what you think? 

Does it sound like something else to you too?

 Those who’ve been following me for a while will no doubt know that I occasionally write short stories and poetry. But, I bet very very few of you knew that I’m writing a novel!

Yes, indeed. I am writing a fantasy novel involving another world, the mysteries of what awaits us after death, what existence truly means, and most of all, a fuzzy creature with a long cape. What’s not to love?

 Well, there is one thing one might not love about it; It is not finished yet. I am currently writing said book and incorporating other mediums into it, such as illustrations like the one you’ll see just up there. I’m also creating music to go along with the story, a sort of score for the book, but without the typical classical sound. You can listen to some such music here on youtube. It’s very trancy and European inspired. If you have read any of my short stories, or heard any of my music and enjoyed it, you would be missing out on something great by ignoring the Lanxodt project.

 I’d like to ask you wonderful tumblrfolk for your support. You don’t have to buy anything, don’t worry. All I’d love is for you to follow the project on tumblr and perhaps like it on facebook. Both pages are run from the point of view of the character, Lanzot. So, it won’t be like following me three times. You’ll get different information on each different page, and you’d help increase traffic flow to both simply by being there. In the words of Lanzot,

"Please, come visit my Tumblr Falls home!" http://lanxodt.tumblr.com/

"Or if you’d like, you may come and stay with me in the Facebook Region!"

Thank you again, and here’s hoping you all have a wonderful, magical day!

Lanxodt Spam.

I know I’ve spammed your dashboard enough today, but here’s one last post for the day.

If you are interested in any of my art, be it music, writing, or illustrating I urge you to follow my new tumblr blog, Lanxodt. I’ve created a story to be told through all three of these mediums. There will be a novelette, posted on the Lanxodt tumblr page, along with illustrations for each chapter. And I will be creating an album, with each song based off a specific part of the story. The story and art will be completely free to read and view, and the album will most likely be a “Name Your Price” option, so you really can’t lose.

Love you all, thanks for putting up with me today! Have a good night.