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Hi Mrs. Winchester ;) Thanks for answering our questions; you’re lovely! You mentioned about having seen supernatural things; have you spoken about this before? (If you have & I missed it, feel free to ignore!) If not, could you tell us more about it? Also, when he’s home, is Dean quite good at helping with the household chores and things? Do you have to nag him? Or do you do them all yourself & just let him relax and not worry about those kind of things? Thanks for your time; hope you're ok :)

Thanks for your message.

I haven’t spoken about what happened but it will be explained in a story soon. It happened before we were married and it nearly scared me away from being with Dean. It’s one thing to hear about what he did and try to believe it but being faced with the reality of monsters definitely changed my perspective on it.

And when he’s home, I don’t really ask him to do anything. I don’t want him to feel like he has any pressures here because he’s stressed and busy and focused when he’s hunting for the most part so I think he appreciates coming home and just relaxing. He will help me with dishes or cooking, if he thinks he can. But for the most part he’ll try to be helpful by going shopping for me if I’m working and we need stuff. He’s really good for trying to help out if I’ve worked and am tired.

I am doing alright, but Dean’s heading out again tonight so that sucks, but it’s been great having him home.

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I’ve never been able to spot a pattern! And genders for objects change from language to language too! I guess it’s practice; eventually it becomes automatic because it just *sounds* right/wrong. I tend to use Nine’s philosophy for languages though..

Its maddening! 


But yes, hopefully if i stick with it long enough, I’ll figure it out. :P

I am drawing a blank on Nine’s language philosophy… is that the “Lot’s of planets have a north” one? At any rate, I will take the doctor’s point of view any day!

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Feeling nostalgic for my A-team initiation :P (Can you have nostalgia for something that was only a week or so ago?!) Anyway, I found out that A-team is actually on UK Netflix - guess what I’m going to be watching sometime very soon! ;)

That’s great! I’m glad they have it, because I’d be at a loss where to watch it online. Its a good show to go to when you need banter, uncomplicated stories, and a lot of explosions. ;) Glad I was able to help initiate you. XD

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*gapes* Oh, the talent! :) Is this a character from somewhere or an original creation of yours? either way, I love it! :D Especially the black and white, with the highlight of green :)

Thanks so much! It began as fanart for Stargate: SG1 of all things, back during THAT stage of fandom life. I think I was trying to draw Sam Carter. :/ But then it turned into some random wild haired dryad thing. No one specific. Thanks again!

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Oh my goodness! Your skills are amazing! I love them all but I think my favourite is the one of Sam and Dean together as kids. The amulet, Sam in a hoodie, the body language you’ve portrayed… And your Hiccup could be straight from the film! :)

Thanks so much! I want to actually finish that one someday, because I like it too. I meant to draw them as adults, but then Dean’s baby face happened and it ended up being a wee!chester pic. 

lanthiriel25 said: Glad you had a good night. Enjoy your bagel and hope you have a good time at church :)

Haha my bagel was a little burned but very good at I had a wonderful time at church. We’re a very small country-sort of church and about half the people that go are my extended family, who I haven’t seen at all for 2 and a half months, so it was just lovely to see everyone again. I got hugs and my favorite pastor (we have 3 that sort of tag team haha) showed up unexpectedly and preached a wonderful sermon and it was just perfect. I even drove home - something else I haven’t done in many months. All in all a perfect day :) And to top it off, I’m going to my beloved Uncle and Aunt’s place for a barbecue later. A wonderful start to the week <3

I hope you’re having a beautiful day too, my friend!