If you live in Michigan, we need you help!!! This is the most dangerous bill. Michigan Religious Freedom Restoration Act (House Bill 5958) would legalize discrimination against members of the LGBTQ community. Under this legislation, a police officer could refuse to defend a mosque or synagogue, a guidance counselor could deny help to a gay student, or a landlord could refuse to rent to a single mother based on their religious beliefs. House Bill 5958 falsely claims to protect religious freedoms that are already protected by the US Constitution and Michigan’s Elliott Larsen Civil Rights Act.

1) That is why I am urging you to contact your Michigan State Senator to vote NO on House Bill 5958

2) and in case it passes the Senate, contact Gov. Rick Snyder to VETO the bill.


Kells. State of Mind. Lansing, MI. 7.11.14

I saw Kells last night and OH MY GOD. He opened the show with State of Mind….and I love the song even more now after hearing it live.

Lace Up!