This is Chelsea from Lansing Michigan.  She’s gone through a lot in the past six months including losing her fiance to an overdose and months later having her right foot amputated due to blood clots as well as struggling with anxiety and other ailments. Chelsea and her family are in desperate need of help. I have complete faith in tumblr and my followers that this post will get the attention it deserves. PLEASE consider donating. if you can’t donate BOOST BOOST BOOST. 


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I cannot stress how much Chelsea deserves a new start. Let’s help her get it.

From her gofundme page posted by her mother on  3/12/15

Well we made it home from Detroit tonight. Chelsea is resting in an acute inpatient physical rehab in Okemos , MI called The Willows. She is very scared and it was a long ride to another place she doesn’t know…but she will need intense therapy to be able to come home. So this is page two of a very long book of our new life, but at least we are back around friends and family. Please keep sharing this post so Chelsea can continue to get all the help she needs all donations are so appreciated …there are no words.

Also please feel free to follow her and talk to her! Encouragement is much appreciated and she loves making new friends. 

her tumblr is http://chubbbykitty.tumblr.com/

her facebook is https://www.facebook.com/chelsea.zelenka.1?fref=nf

her gofundme page Chelsea’s Happy Life Fund


Drove all over Lansing, MI with some old friends. The Liederkranz Club was the location of many wedding receptions and get-togethers in my younger days. We spotted a beautiful old Arby’s sign. Eventually ended up at the Lansing Mall. When I was a teenager everyone ended up at the mall.

Need Couch - Lansing Area

My name is Red, I’m a genderfluid 18-year-old living in Michigan, looking for a place to stay in or around Lansing. My parents are very restrictive and phobic/oppressive, and I live in a college town with little to no jobs available. I’m schizoaffective and have anxiety, but I’m on medication. I have terrible memory issues as well, but am working on fixing it as we speak. I only need housing for about a month or so, around February, just enough to get a job in Okemos and move in with someone else. I require transportation as I don’t know how to drive, nor to I have a permit/license. I have over $200 saved as emergency money, just in case. I’m pretty nervous around new people and children, but I love animals. As a hobby, I cosplay, but I don’t plan on spending any money on it until I’m stable and on my own. If you have any more questions (forgive me if I left something out), you can contact me at my email, mintgalaxy@yahoo.com or at my skype, galaxycompanion. If you choose skype to contact, please state what you’re contacting me for so I know your intentions.

A fond farewell to 94.1 The Edge…

You might have heard.  Maybe not.  On Monday, when you’re in the Lansing area, and you flip to 94.1 on your FM dial, you’ll be listening to the sweet sounds of Reba McEntire, Garth Brooks, Willie Nelson, and other “classic country” on “94.1 Duke FM”.  

Truth be told, I’m really bummed.  Some of our best friends in this “business” are our buddies over at 94.1.  I’m going to keep referring to it as “94.1 The Edge” instead of “94.1 Alternative Radio” or “94.1 WVIC”, because while they changed branding quite a few times, they’re always going to be The Edge to me.  I can remember when I was a teenager, in the late 90s (shit, I’m old), growing up on alternative and grunge like Nirvana and Pearl Jam, I had three options.  89X played some of that stuff, WRIF mixed it in with AC/DC and whatever, and then I was in the western end of Livingston County, I could barely get in this cool station called “The Edge” that played every single song that I wanted to hear.  Those were different times, when radio (and MTV) was how you discovered new music.  There was no Spotify.  Napster wasn’t a thing yet.  It’s probably how the big corporations liked it.  The major labels had control, and the major radio conglomerates were in on it too, and both made lots and lots of money.  

Fast forward to 2015, and most of us with an internet connection can listen to whatever we want, whenever we want.  Spotify gives us just about every record we’ve ever wanted, at our fingertips.  No more waiting for the radio stations to serve us what we like.  

So because of that, radio has changed.  Terrestrial radio has struggled to stay relevant, and as such, I believe that they’re circling the wagons, trying to keep their way of life intact.  It’s hard to work in an industry that’s behind the times, on the verge of being extinct.  While the younger generations flock to Spotify and XM and iTunes, there’s still a generation that’s listening to the radio.  My parents don’t have Spotify.  They don’t own an iPod.  I’m not saying that all of their generation is doing the same, but I’m sure the demographics on radio would play this out.  

Not only are listeners trending older, but I’m sure advertisers are as well.  We spent a decent amount of money on radio advertising over the past five years, but ONLY on shows that featured acts that were played on radio.  Otherwise, we spend our advertising dollars on Facebook, Twitter, and other online outlets.  And we, the younger generation, are the ones that are listening to alternative radio.  It’s like newspapers.  We’re not spending advertising money in print publications.  But the older generations still are, so those publications (and successful radio stations) need to tailor their content to that demographic.  

This is not a Lansing thing.  You guys supported the station, and they put out a great product.  We all probably could have done better, but across the nation, alternative stations are disappearing.  It’s only a matter of time before it disappears as an FM format almost entirely.  We used to know who Matt Pinfield was.  We used to listen to the alternative station for what the next hot rock band was.  Now, we turn to Twitter, to our Facebook feed, to Spotify playlists and YouTube and everything BUT radio.  

So we say goodbye.  It’s incredibly sad to announce, but last weekend’s show with J Roddy Walston and the Business at the Loft was our last with 94.1.  We might find a way to work with the country station at some point, but in its current format, this weekend will be the end.  

We want to very publicly show our appreciation for our friends Scott, Melik, Span, Jay, Sandra, Clark, Parker, and of course, Fusion’s favorite hug artist, Mars.  Through the ups and downs, the folks over at that station were among my favorite people to work with, and we have an awful lot of memories.  So instead of lamenting the fact that we’re not going to be able to do that anymore (at least not in the same way), let’s celebrate what we’ve done together in Lansing.  And besides, we’ll still have their support from Q106, from the new country station, and from them as friends and part our little family.

I thought it might be fun to post all the shows we’ve done with 94.1 over the years, as a little trip down memory lane.  Reblog and tell your own stories!  

12/17 The Parlor Mob / IAMDYNAMITE

5/22 Neon Trees
6/15 Anberlin
7/17 Electric Guest
9/8 Wombats
9/22 Mutemath
9/24 Foxy Shazam
10/8 Henry Rollins
10/27 Flobots
11/10 Matisyahu
12/2 Youngblood Hawke
12/3 Walk The Moon

2/2 Frontier Ruckus
2/12 Twenty One Pilots
4/8 The Joy Formidable
4/11 Family of the Year / The Mowgli’s
4/20 Anberlin
4/24 New Politics
7/2 Middle Class Rut
7/15 Youngblood Hawke
7/22 Fastball
9/5 Robert DeLong
9/16 Airborne Toxic Event
10/17 Electric Six
10/22 Needtobreathe
11/7 Joe Hertler and the Rainbow Seekers
11/13 J Roddy Walston and the Business
11/22 X Ambassadors

1/22 Man Man
2/7 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.
3/1 The Unlikely Candidates
4/8 Sleeper Agent
4/11 Skaters
4/13 Dan Croll
5/13 Morning Parade
6/23 Kongos
7/15 New Politics
9/3 The Griswolds
9/16 Young Rising Sons
9/30 Bear Hands
10/12 Airborne Toxic Event
10/18 Local H
11/8 Knox Hamilton

3/1 Catfish and the Bottlemen
3/7 J Roddy Walston and the Business

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A body has been found in the grand river, mere blocks from the convention. Details regarding who they were, or weather or not they were an attendee at the convention are currently unknown, as details about the person have not been released. Until then, we do not know if this was an accident, or foul play was involved, and everyone in town, and especially at the convention should remain in high alert.

Please, DO NOT GO ANYWHERE ALONE. Especially outside guys, I’m not kidding when I say this was right next to the convention. 

Spread this around if you can. I want everyone to be safe. Lansing can be a very dangerous town, especially at night. The rave is tonight. Don’t let your friends go out on their own. watch out for each other, and if you have to go, bring friends.