Couple updates on my new Cersei. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish the entire costume to satisfaction for Ice and Fire Con so I didn’t take any good photos of the entire thing but I am in love with my new Lannister necklace and wig. The wig arrived and was this super weird lace front/skin top combo so it was annoying to style but my amazing friend Jess really saved my butt and made it gorgeous. I’m finishing up the velvet painting on the dress then hopefully I can convince the amazing danikhaleesi to take a couple shots while we’re away for a friend’s wedding next weekend. 

Dear David Benioff, D.B. Weiss, and the other creators of the TV show Game of Thrones,

YOU raped Daenerys when ASOIAF portrayed a scene of consensual sex.

YOU brutally murdered an actor’s character when she refused to do any more nude scenes for you. (Esme Bianco)

YOU raped Cersei, another scene of consensual sex.

YOU did that to Sansa. YOU.

You’re sending the message, to one of the most popular and highly viewed television shows right now, that women who have endured enough tradgedy and pain they deserve even more in one of the worst ways possible.

Media is extremely influential to popular culture, influential to people.

And you people are irresponsible.
You are.

Dissapointed and Disgusted


Trinket Geek is now making t-shirts! The first release, ThroneMonsters, is now up for preorder! Currently at a discounted preorder price. :D

The t-shirts are based on the Game of Thrones sigils for the four great houses using pokemon with the motto turned into a pun of the pokemon’s key move. Entei’s motto didn’t change from House Lannister’s, since it’s perfect just as it is, as I’m sure many of you will remember…

For anyone that loves my jewelry, worry not, I’ll still be designing and making jewelry. Hope you guys like these! :D

T-Shirts available at TrinketGeek:

ThroneMonsters T-Shirts


No, You’re Not Dreaming, the Game of Thrones Musical Is REAL

[by Chloe Cole]