Into the Wildfire

Researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratories and elsewhere are investigating other aspects of fire propagation, like how big fires create their own weather — a process that has contributed to some of the most devastating fires in recent years.

The setup in the photo above is known as a “fire-whirl generator” and is used to better understand the physics of a flame.

Read more about fire science here

Computerized simulation of our galaxy - 2, 2006.
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Computerized simulation of the center of our galaxy. Central light year of our galactic center (to the middle of the Milky Way Galaxy).
Over the past several years, Los Alamos National Laboratory has invested in providing state-of-the art facilities and software tools to help scientists in the Advanced Simulation and Computing (ASC) program understand and explore their data. One such facility, the LANL CAVE, is driven by a Linux cluster and equipped with an optical motion tracking system.

Ph: LeRoy Sanchez

3D Simulations of Nuclear Explosions

Los Alamos National Laboratory is a security research institution in Los Alamos, New Mexico. It was founded in World War II as a centralised facility to coordinate the research efforts of the Manhattan Project—the first nuclear weapons project. The laboratory’s research led to the creation of the atomic and the hydrogen bombs, but no new nuclear weapons have been developed or tested by the US since 1992, and so the laboratory’s work today primarily relates to preserving existing weaponry—but without using nuclear testing, which is where 3D computer simulations become involved. The creation of these 3D simulations allows scientists to study the complete operation of nuclear explosions, giving them the opportunity to analyse visual data. This enables them to predict the various aspects of the weapons’ performance, and to learn crucial information about the aging stockpile and how to safely maintain it.

(Image Credit: Lynn Johnson)

gusto ko ng isang guy na GOD-fearing.. yung taong GOD-centered.. dahil kapag ganun siyang tao.. sunud-sunod ang mga magagandang katangian na hinahanap ng isang tao sa kapwa niya..

Microbial Dark Matter

Is space really the final frontier or are the greatest mysteries closer to home? Researchers estimate that there are more undiscovered microbes on earth than stars in the sky.  These microbes are known as “microbial dark matter” and form the pervasive (yet practically invisible) infrastructure of life on the planet.

A single handful of dirt contains approximately 100 billion microbes, but we have only been able to access the genomes of a few thousand of them.  One large problem is that many microbes are unable to grow outside of their natural environment.  

Researchers at the Joint Genome Institute are try to fill in these gaps of knowledge through new identification techniques (single-cell genomics).

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Los Alamos chemist, Wright H. Langham with Plastic Man, used to simulate human radiation exposures, 1959.

via Los Alamos National Laboratory 

In 1945, three terminally ill cancer patients at the University of Chicago’s Billings Hospital were injected with a solution containing plutonium as part of a U.S. government research project involving 18 subjects. The project was designed to determine how quickly the body rids itself of plutonium. Its purpose was to develop safety criteria for the thousands of workers then handling plutonium.

This research was made public by the Energy Research & Development Administration in 1976. Stories followed in the Washington Post and in Science in 1976. A scientific paper on the experiment, “Distribution and Excretion of Plutonium Administered Intravenously to Man,” was published in Health Physics in June 1980 (written by: Samuel H. Bassett,  Wright Langham).

Two of the three patients who received injections at Chicago died of their cancer within five months, according to the 1976 report. The third patient, an 18-year-old male with Hodgkins disease, left the hospital against medical advice and was “lost to follow-up,” according to the report.

A follow-up study found no evidence that the plutonium injections affected the health of the subjects or their pre-existing illnesses.

Research standards have changed drastically since 1945. Today, no research is or can be performed on any patients without their full knowledge and informed, written consent. (via)


Oh my guh. The OTP’s first meeting in King of Lan Ling is so perfectly manga and so perfectly perfect, it hurts!

He is bathing in the hot springs after battle and she stumbles across him and because of his long hair and the fact that it’s ladies’ springs (which he doesn’t know, being a stranger), assumes he is a beautiful lady. Heeeee. And climbs in with him.

But that was just adorable and cute. No, what really got me was that then they are surrounded by soldiers, who are there to capture the legendary warrior that is Gao Chang Gong, and Xiewu jumps in front of him and attacks the soldiers to protect her new acquaintance. And his face, when he sees this tiny slip of a girl jumping to his defence. His faaaaaaaace.

And she takes out one soldier while he basically decimates the rest in two seconds flat.

And then he turns around and she sees the stranger is a man and eeeeee!!!!

This drama owns me already. So much. Which is going to be baaad, because the legend of Lanling Wang is a tragic one and the drama is ladling it heavily with the foreshadowing…my heart is going to be so broken!

This is gorgeously filmed, the plot moves fast, I love the battles etc but what really gets me and makes this drama work as well as it does is the ridiculously intense chemistry between Ariel Lin and Feng Shao Feng. After all, it’s the story of star-crossed lovers and chemistry is necessary for this. Luckily, it is here in spades. Not surprising, since both Ariel and FSF are capable of chemistry with a stone block and together - oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.

Oh, and I remember some netizens commenting that FSF is not gorgeous enough to portray a man who wore a mask into battle lest his beauty distract his enemies. Either they are blind or I am. Because FSF as GCG makes me sort of stop breathing. But then I am a FSF fangirl in general and thus biased. But then, he is one of the only two men I’ve seen pull off the horrific Qing queue and still look like sex on legs (the other man is the inhuman perfection that is Kevin Cheng) so maybe I am not as biased as all that :P


ganda ganda ni Mama.. ssshhh.. huwag maingay.. tinatawag ko siyang mama ng patago.. kaya huwag mong ipagsasabi yan.. satin satin lang yan..

naalala ko siya kahapon dahil nilibre kami ni kuya ng bucket meal ng Jollibee.. si Mama kasi ang naalala ko kapag bucket meal dahil hinding hindi ko makakalimutan ang araw na nakasama ko siyang kumain sa labas nung November 13.. kumain kami kasama ang buong pamilya Balza at si Joy.. napaka saya ko noon..

hindi ko siya naging guro.. sayang nga at hindi ako sa Ramon nag-aral.. sana nakilala ko siya noon pa.. at noong una ay hindi kami magkakilala.. dahil hindi ako nagkaroon ng pagkakataon na makita siya noong sa Monsay.. pero, magaling talaga si Lord dahil sa gumawa siya ng paraan para mag krus ang landas namin.. salamat Lord at ginamit mo si Joy para magka kilala kami..

nakilala ko siya noong una sa mga kwento ni Joy.. ang daming magagandang deskripsyon ang narinig ko mula sa kanya na nagbigay ng pakiramdam sa akin na gusto ko siyang makilala at makita kahit isang beses lang.. walang araw na hindi siya sa akin naku kwento ng aking kapatid..

at sa kwento ni Joy sa akin.. para ko na rin siyang nakilala.. ang tanging kulang na lamang ay makita ko siya at maka usap ng personal.. at salamat dahil dininig ng Lord ang kagustuhan ko na makita si Mama at maka sama ng kahit isang araw lang..  masaya ako at naka kwentuhan ko siya kahit saglit..

natutuwa ako dahil sa hindi ko lang siya nakilala sa mga kwento lang ng aking dating estudyante na tinuring kong pamilya.. nang makita ko si Mama.. napatunayan ko kung gaano katotoo ang lahat ng kwento sakin ni Joy patungkol sa kanya.. at mas lalo ko pa siyang minahal nang dahil sa November 13.. mas lalo kong minahal si Mama dahil sa nakilala ko siya kahit paano..

kitang kita kay Mama ang pagiging maapagmahal sa kanyang mga anak.. naiinggit ako kay Joy nang makita ko kung paano siya hawakan ni mama.. ang higpit ng hawak niya.. at talagang ayaw na siyang bitiwan nito.. kitang kita sa kanya ang isang ina na ayaw mawalay ang kanyang anak sa kanya..

masasabi kong swerte ang pamilya niya sa kanya dahil napaka bait niyang tao.. tuwang tuwa ako nang magbiruan kami habang nag uusap kaming tatlo ni Joy sa church nila.. ang dami naming napag kwentuhan.. kahit maikling oras lang namin siya nakasama, sulit na sulit ang panahon na iyon dahil walang oras na nasayang..

malambot din ang puso niya.. malapit ang puso niya sa mga bata.. sana, maging matagumpay ang plano niya sa Christmas party ng Aristotle.. kakaibang party ang gusto ni Mama na sana  ay matuloy.. nais niya ng isang potluck.. nais niyang sa labas ng Monsay mag party ang klase niya at makasama nila ang mga bata sa Bernardo.. sana matuloy para mas maging masaya at makabuluhan ang party ng Aristotle..

hindi na kataka taka kung bakit marami ang nagmamahal kay Mama.. dahil siya ang tipo ng tao na hindi mahirap pakisamahan at talagang mamahalin mo.. dahil hindi lang siya maganda sa labas, kung hindi maganda rin ang kanyang kalooban.. mahal na mahal ng lahat si Mama.. at syempre, pati ako..

maswerte ang mga estudyante na nahawakan at hahawakan pa ni Mama.. dahil sa hindi lang siya basta basta guro.. hindi lang din siya tumayo bilang guro nila sa English II.. ngunit, higit pa roon ay tumatayo na rin siyang spiritual mother ng mga bata..

natutuwa ako sa aktibidad na pinapagawa niya sa mga bata.. ang reflective journal.. hindi lang nahahasa ang maraming kakayahan ng mga bata pagdating sa akademiks, kung hindi pati na rin ang kanilang espirtwal.. magandang oprtunidad ito para sa mga bata na mas lumalim kay Lord.. sabi ko nga,

she is not just an ordinary teacher.. definitely, all of her students will love her.. she goes beyond of being that.. and that makes her student so proud of themselves to have her in their lives.. she is one in a million.. ;)

yes.. she helps to develop the reading, writing, and critical thinking skills of her students.. but beyond that, she also made a way of encouraging them to be a better person, to be a Christian.. i am so happy when i heard that she required her ESEP students to do an everyday journal.. what a wonderful experience for the students..

it is not just a requirement.. beyond complying it, i know that she has a purpose for requiring them to have that kind of activity. i know it is her desire too for them to draw near to God.. i sense that she wants our students to desire God more and more.. each and everyday.. MORE OF JESUS.. and LESS OF US..

sana, hindi lang iyan tinitignan ng mga bata bilang mabigat na requirement sa asignatura nila kaya Mama.. bagkus, makita nila ang kahalagahan nito sa buhay nila..  na magandang pagkakataon ito para mas lalo nilang makilala si Lord ng higit pa sa pagkakakilala nila.. naniniwala ako na, “if we want to know GOD, read the bible.. cause God reveals Himself in His Word.”

magandang oprtunidad na rin ito para sa kanila.. at sana, kahit matapos anag buhay sophomore nila ay ipagpatuloy nila ang pinapagawa ni Ma’am sa kanila..

most of the time, we satisfy the needs of our physical body without knowing that our spiritual body also needs satisfaction. and as a result of it, our spiritual growth doesn’t take place. how can we satisfy our spiritual need? it is by means of praying and reading the bible we are able to do it.

Salamat Lord dahil may isang Adora Balza na naging parte ng buhay ng bawat isa.. at sana, mas marami pa siyang makilala na tao.. at sana, patuloy Ninyo pa ring gamitin ang buhay niya para mas maraming tao ang maka kilala sa Iyo..

mahal ko si Mama.. at hanggang sa huli ay mamahalin ko siya.. kahit hindi ko siya naging guro at naging CT ay napalapit na siya sa puso ko.. isa siyang biyaya para sa akin..


-ps. ang pangalan ni Mama sa cellphone ko ay Mama Adora.-

Here’s an outtake photo (c. 1989) from the installation of the Cray Y-MP supercomputer at Lawrence Livermore National Lab.

Seymore Cray’s first supercomputer, the Cray 1, debuted in 1976 at another UC-run National lab Lab, Los Alamos.  It weighed 10,500 pounds.  It had 1 MB of memory and more speed (80 million computations in one second) than any other computer in the world.    

These supercomputers may not seem as impressive today (especially compared to smartphones), but it was a huge asset for scientists.  They used the machines to crunch through large data sets and solve problems too large for standard machines.

Here we have some techniques to help you with pronunciation and flow.

As an example of what’s covered, the first video covers Sehen/Gesehen, which, to a native English speaker, will sound like one syllable when you hear a German speaker say it. It is two syllables, however, and this shows how and where to stress the word so that it will be easier for German speakers to understand you.

They are all in German, but they use examples that are easy to follow along with if you do not understand what they are saying.

Watch on

手掌心 - 丁噹
Palm - Della Ding

一乾而盡 愛恨嗔癡的幻影
Disappearing phantoms of love, hate, anger and insanity
我敬你 一杯一乾二淨的黎明
I toast you with a glass of pure dawn
我在南極 憧憬你的北極星
At the South Pole, I look forward to your North Star
我等你 不信心心不相印
I wait for you, without faith, without synchronicity

你是天意 你是達達的馬蹄
You are the will of heaven, the pounding of hooves
滾滾了我的紅塵 苦苦追尋冰天雪地
Setting my world aflame, searching for a frozen land

一寸光陰一寸心 一朵曇花一朵雲
A second of time, a sliver of heart, a cereus flower, a drifting cloud
一朵雪花一朵夢境 一一捧在手掌心
A single snowflake, a dream world, all in the palm of my hand
一顆塵埃一菩提 一顆流星一個你
A speck of dust, a grain of wisdom, a shooting star, and you
Cupped wholeheartedly in the palm of my hand

七世夫妻 只是神話的魔鏡
Being lovers for seven lifetimes is just a reflection of fantasy
第七夕 只能再等一世紀
The seventh night won’t be until the next century
你是天地 你是風雨你是晴
You are the heaven and earth, the wind and rain and sunshine
你是溫柔的叛逆 逆轉我的一年四季
You are gentle rebellion, reversing the flow of my seasons

一寸光陰一寸心 一朵曇花一朵雲
A second of time, a sliver of heart, a cereus flower, a drifitng cloud
一朵雪花一朵夢境 一一捧在手掌心
A single snowflake, a dream world, all in the palm of my hand
一顆塵埃一菩提 一顆流星一個你
A speck of dust, a grain of wisdom, a shooting star, and you
Cupped wholeheartedly in the palm of my hand

偏偏我越抱越緊 偏偏我越愛越貪心
I just had to keep hugging tighter, I just had to love more greedily
偏偏要愛到萬箭穿了心 才死心
I just had to love to the until I was pierced by a thousand arrows before I gave up

左手掌握著空心 右手掌握著癡心
Left hand grasping emptiness, right hand grasping infatuation
十指緊扣一本心經 刻骨銘心著苦心
Ten fingers locked around the Heart Sutra, taking unforgettable pains
可不可以不甘心 可不可以不認命
Can I not be resigned? Can I not bow to fate?
如果可以 拿我換給你
If I can, take me in your place

But now
I know you can’t tell
I’m down,and i’m not doing well
But one day these tears
They will all run dry
I won’t have to cry
Sweet goodbye

Coz someday, someone’s gonna love me
The way, i want you to need me
Someday, someone’s gonna take your place
One day i’ll forget about you
You’ll see, i won’t even miss you
Someday, someday


The Vulcan bomber again at the 2010 Festival of Speed. Not quite as low as it looks but still low enough to make a mouse pee his pants! #avro #vulcan #bomber #raf #jet #coldwar #bombaydoors #goodwood #festivalofspeed #aircraftofinstagram #low #pentax #dslr #bestoftheday #picoftheday #photooftheday #igers #igersuk #igaddict #instahub #instagood #instagram #instamood #instadaily #instagramers #instagramhub #loud (at Goodwood Festival of Speed)

marksaunders66: The Vulcan bomber again at the 2010 Festival of Speed. Not quite as low as it looks but still low enough to make a mouse pee his pants!