New Inquisition Interview with Mike Laidlaw and Mark Darrah up on IGN Sweden
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  • Kajsa Lundqvist:By now, you've worked on this game for four years and you've said that it's the Dragon Age game you've always wanted to make. Why is this and how will be able to feel it?
  • Mike Laidlaw:One of the things we especially wanted to go to back to was to find a mix of story and discovery. There's a childlike joy in discovering the world around you, especially when nobody has explicitly told you what to do. We looked at frostbite and realised we could make something great with it. By mixing discovery with storytelling and making it perfect, I think we have made a fantastic Fantasy experience.
  • Kajsa:I can imagine it's been pretty difficult to mix the two?
  • Mark Darrah:Yea, you're right. But the way Dragon Age: Inquisition is portrayed is absolutely built to be able to do that. Going from going out in the wild to become stronger, to later be able to use your Inquisition to do something that's more focused on the story. Open World-games aren't exactly new, but it's a genre where there's no language yet. It's not very well understood, so what we're trying to do with this game is to figure out what makes the discovery fun, what the ingredients are to make it entertaining.
  • Mike:At the core it is to understand the context in this huge game. Does the player have the motivation to go here or there? Does s/he feel that it gives her/him something to discover? It's exactly that that's the strength of the Inquisition, an organisation that grows from the ground and up. It's a pretty ragged band when the game starts, you have no castles or armies. This is something we did intentionally, as it's supposed to be the player that makes it grow. So when' you're out in the world you're constantly increasing the Inquisition's influence. When you have influence, you have power, which in turn makes the story progress. The idea is that you're always supposed to have a greater goal you want to achieve. That's how we've let the story and the discovery meet, having a heavy story but also having a lot of freedom.
  • Kajsa:In the earlier games, especially in the first, we've seen how there are many different endings depending on what choices you've made. Among other things it was determined by what kind of character type you chose to play as, how have you looked at this?
  • Mike:Well of course your character type will play a large role during the entire game. Sometimes it just pops up once or twice and other times it has a large effect from the start. I don't want to spoil too much, but other factors than your character type are of course there, among other things what choices you make. It works like rings on water where the choices you make early in the game have a direct effect later. Which is very satisfying as it makes you feel that…
  • Kajsa:You've actually done something?
  • Mike:Exactly! I feel like that's something we've grown more comfortable with. I'm going to say something that sounds very 2014, but the experience of gaming is something you really can share with your friends. I find it very satisfying that you may have seen entirely different stuff depending on how you've played. I don't want to spoil anything, but there's an example where if you choose one path you get information about… a thing. If you choose a different path you don't get that information. But the game works anyway. I'm hoping that the people who completed the game will be able to meet and discuss the game. So you can share your experiences with each other.
  • Mark:The entire game is very much based on what choices you make, what character type you play as, who you allied with and what order everything is in. All of this and more will be tied together and create an ending based on the choices you made.
  • Kajsa:So Thedas is in chaos, how politically will you be able to act in the game?
  • Mike:There are some explicitly political missions in the game. There are those times where it's not enough to fight, but instead you must talk your way out of things. There are three advisors in Inquisition who work at this. We have a general who handles your armies, a spymaster who handles your assassins and lastly we have a diplomat who helps you tackle Kings and Empresses. What you do in the game is to try to answer questions and understand what is going on. Though there are situations where your advisors can handle the situation instead. That's when you start playing more politically. Which fits as Orlais has a large role in this game, a country that is very careful with all its connections.
  • Kajsa:What vision did you have when you created the look of the game?
  • Mark:We knew we wanted to have something special. When you see a picture from Dragon Age I'd like you to instantly be able to identify it as a Dragon Age game. When we started development we wanted to have more dampened colours, everything looked pretty raw back then. It's interesting how in other forms of media you can see how colourful everything has become, like in ''The Hobbit'' or in ''Guardians of the Galaxy''. We changed our mind as well, we wanted the colour back, it just so happened that everyone else did it at the same time.
  • Kajsa:I just have to bring this up. I was shocked when I realised that I could jump, but I presume that's another part of the discovery.
  • Mike:There are NO invisible walls any more! When you want to go up something it's actually possible to do so.
  • Kajsa:But it's not really open-world, is it?
  • Mike:Nah, we call it ''multiregion open world'', it was Mark who coined that expression.
  • Mark:Every area is larger than anything we've done previously. It's about as large as all the earlier areas put together. But we still have different regions, with differing environments like deserts and marshes. This also makes it possible to have places with a specific meaning, even though things around can be distracting.
  • Kajsa:From what I've seen there also seems to be possibilities to craft?
  • Mike:Yes! We understand that not everyone wants to be hardcore-craftsmen. Some want to upgrade their armour, others want to enchant it. There's also alchemy, which probably will be especially important as the amount of drinks (Note: They probably mean potions here) you'll be able to travel with is limited. There's also a deeper level, like when you want to craft an entirely new sword. Let's say you find a sword at the start of the game, that may not be the best in the world but on the other hand is the best-looking in the world. Later in the game you can use some of the best materials in the game like dragon bone or something like that, but make it look like the old sword. So you can have the same look with your armour or your sword the entire game, but make it as good as it's gonna get at the same time.
  • Kajsa:And this also applies to your companions?
  • Mike:Yep! Everything their class can wear, they can also wear. There are no limits as to weapons either. If they're a rogue they can use a bow or daggers, even Varric can stop using Bianca. Not a bow though, he's got some dignity.
  • Kajsa:But now we get to the romances! I know you've said they'll be more realistic, how will be able to notice that?
  • Mike:We've moved away from the staleness in the earlier romances. If you say something your companions will still react to it. If you say something mean to an elf the character Solas won't like it, but it won't say ''-10'' any more. There are numbers that get taken off like earlier. It made the experience feel a bit cheap. Something that was huge for me was that many of the characters have their own motivations, they have different goals och things they want to get to. Cassandra, as an example, searches for information on the ''the seekers''. Should you choose to help her she'll like you more. It helps you understand the characters, not just by talking with them, but instead by seeing everything that interests them. It feels, to me, like a very natural way to get to know someone.
  • Kajsa:There seems to have been some doubt whether fan favourite Varric will have a romance, can you say anything more today?
  • Mark:There'll probably be no way to have a romance with him. But there's a reason.
  • Mike:This is probably the first time we've said this, so you'll get to handle the fans' tears! He also has someone, so to speak.
  • Mike:It's something we're very careful with, when we started developing Inquisition we put a lot of weight behind the fans' feedback. We went with our gut feeling over what people seemed to hold dear when it comes to the Dragon Age-series. We know that if we take away some things the fans won't be happy. Varric is such a case, a lot of fans want to be able to fall in love with him, but some others don't want to. So when we say no now, it's a meaningful no.
  • Kajsa:To wrap it up, I'd like to know what's been the most fun when developing Dragon Age Inquisition:
  • Mark:For me it's been getting the discovery back. Games that are more based on exploring are easy to jump in and enjoy. It's made me feel more for this game than ever.
  • Mike:For me it's been working with the combat team, to find the balance between the real time fights and the more tactical game. I get excited and tense every time I draw my sword, cause I love to plan my fights. The end result is fantastic!
140820 Taemin talks about EXO Kai on KBS Cool FM
  • 140820 Taemin talks about EXO Kai on KBS Cool FM

(Q: what kind of girls suits taemin?)

dj:(reads the girls answer) taemin, a girl like Exo's Kai suits you !

Taemin: I'm a friends with Exo's Kai. so we went to hangang to play put the reports took photos of us there. so ... (laughs) it seems to have led to some misunderstanding..

dj: It can be like this too.Because both of you are pretty.

(Q: Is there an idol star whose charms you want to steal for a day?)

dj: Then, there's kai. There are others as well .

Taemin: Firstly,yes Kai, in that case !

dj: Which part of him is the most cool? From the your perspective?

Taemin: Kai has a quiet ...... manly charms !.For me i look a little soft and pretty, i want to have his manliness at least once (he’s bottoming for jongin)

Valarin Names of the Valar


The names for the Valar that you see used most often in The Silmarillion are their Quenya names, and were the names used by the Vanyar and Noldor in Valinor, as well as the Noldorin exiles in Middle Earth. Presumably all the Valar had names in Sindarin, though not all of them were recorded (the most famous Sindarin translation would be Varda, who was often called by her Sindarin name, Elbereth Gilthoniel.)

And, of course, they would all have names in their own language, Valarin, but only a few of them were recorded by Tolkien:

  • Manwë: Mānawenūz 
  • Aulë: Aȝūlēz
  • Ulmo: Ullubōz 
  • Oromë: Arōmēz
  • Tulkas: Tulukhastāz

Though we don’t get Valarin names for the rest of the Valar, we do get a name for one of the Maiar (Ossë: Oš(o)šai), as well as Orome’s horse (Nahar: Næχærra)

As you can see, the names that Tolkien listed all look relatively similar to their Quenya names - this is because Tolkien only listed the names as part of a larger essay about the Valarin influences in Quenya.  So, if you’re really curious about the other Valarin names, it might be safe to assume that they do not look similar to their Quenya names.

SOURCES: The Histories of Middle Earth vol. 11 (“Quendi and Eldar”)

카메라 = camera

디지탈 카메라/사진기 = digital camera

비디오 카메라 = video camera

폴라로이드 카메라 = polaroid camera

DSLR 가메라 = DSLR camera

렌즈 = lens

어안 렌즈 = fisheye lens

플래시 = flash

사진/촬영 = photography

사진 = photo

포토샵/뽀샵 = Photoshop

초점 = focus

= light

쎌카 = selfie

빨간 = red eye

얼짱 각도 = flattering photo angle

사진작가/사진사 = photographer

사진을 찍다 = to take pictures

사진: 석굴암 (Seokguram Grotto)


The (slightly gay) Disney AU! *✧・゚:* \(◕‿◕✿)/
Drawing the girls was fun (I’m definitley doing that again)! And Tangled. With Arthur and Merlin. the scene on the boat. I love that scene on the boat.

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