One thing we need to move away from in languages is asking people how long they’ve been learning them for, because that information means absolutely diddly squat but people use it to try and extrapolate a rough arbitrary level they should be at after x amount of time and really it’s pointless

you can do so much more in 3 months of intense focussed study than you can in 5 years of sporadic disorganised classes in school

Txch This Week: Shape-Shifting Liquid Metal Alloys And Camo Squid Skin Technology


by Jared Kershner

This week on Txchnologist, we watched the world’s first 3-D printed car hit the road after being made in a mere 44 hours. The vehicle, called Strati, was sent on a test drive last Saturday after being quickly printed and assembled by a Local Motors team days before. The company plans to offer 3-D printed vehicles for sale in the coming months, paving the way for innovation in automotive design and opening new doors for modern manufacturing.

The creators of an MIT project called Local Warming are pioneering a heating system that uses motion sensing to direct infrared energy beams at occupants of a space, heating them directly while the remaining space stays cold. With current space heating accounting for 37 percent of the total power consumed by U.S. buildings in 2010, funding programs that rethink how to keep people comfortable could spark a radical shift in greater building energy efficiency nationwide.

Smog-producing low-level ozone concentrations are rising globally and bringing with them heightened public health and ecological threats. Scientists studying the environmental dangers of ozone offer a simple solution—plant more trees. Their models have shown that the reforestation of regions directly abutting urban areas provides an effective tool for abating ground-level ozone pollution, and could complement technology-based controls.

Now we’re bringing you the news and trends we’ve been following this week in the world of science, technology and innovation.

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Hey Cyd… In case you forgot.

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When I talk about pregnancy I use the term female, because it's the term used to describe those of us with uteri. Whether you identify as a man or a women is part of your gender, but biologically your body is female if you can concieve.


Female and male carry gendered connotations and nonbinary and trans people have made it very clear that they don’t appreciate those terms being directed towards them. If you’re striving to be inclusive consider using terms like DMAB or DFAB (designated (fe)male at birth.) - Paige



still annoying as hell tho

etymology of shaman : from sanskrit “śramaṇá “or श्रमण, “ascetic, monk, devotee”. root word : from श्रम (śráma, “labor, toil”)