Audrey Hepburn interviewed by William Leymergie after the Césars on the March 7, 1987, in Paris. She gave the award for best actress and best actor that night. She had been decorated by french minister of culture as a Commandeur de l’ordre des arts et des lettres the day before and a reference to the medal is made here. 

Gifs by Rare Audrey Hepburn. English translation and video by @__AHepburnfan__. Thank you @__AHepburnfan__for finding this video!

In this interview we learn that Audrey’s first language was in fact French!

Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out //
A Bill Cipher-Dipper Pines (Bipper) Fanmix
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[Side A // Bill Cipher]

1. Hi (Psapp) "[With] every page I turn I want more/’cause you excite me like a locked door does."

2. Location (Freelance Whales) "I am starting to sense your location: you are somewhere in the attic/I’m floating on the stairwell…"

3. I Want You (Summer Camp) "[I’d] write your name in blood on every wall, it would make the evening news."

4. Slip Into Your Skin (Patrick Watson) "Slipped into your skin and spent the night."

5. Daredevil (Fiona Apple) "I guess I must just be a daredevil/I don’t feel anything until I smash it up/Give me what you got in your mind."

6. Laughing With a Mouth of Blood (St. Vincent) "Laughing with a mouth of blood from a little spill I took/And I can’t see the future but I know it’s got big plans for me…"

—Interlude // 7. Meeting in the Moors—

[Side B // Dipper Pines]

8. Canto I (Le Loup) "I wasn’t fully like… able to experience the world at all…And that’s probably what made it feel more like hell."

9. Devils (Say Hi) "Well the devil got my number and the devil got my size/And the devil got my head and the devil got my eyes."

10. Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out (The Antlers) "You and I divide but not devout/Every night my teeth are falling out."

11. Numb (Barcelona) "When I woke up, I couldn’t feel my arms/They felt as if they weren’t my own."

12. I Signed the Line (A Camp) "I signed the line that was dotted/I like to end what I started/I signed the line and I realize a lot of lies were written…"

13. Dread in My Heart (Mother Mother) "And whenever I begin to feel like I might be deranged/I remember there’s a little shitty devil in my brain."

One thing we need to move away from in languages is asking people how long they’ve been learning them for, because that information means absolutely diddly squat but people use it to try and extrapolate a rough arbitrary level they should be at after x amount of time and really it’s pointless

you can do so much more in 3 months of intense focussed study than you can in 5 years of sporadic disorganised classes in school

anonymous said:

Hi! Do you have any advice for people who want to begin art? Thank you!

Start off with stuff that you like, but always be willing to expand! If you like drawing landscapes, or animals, or shoujo, whatever it is! It’s easier to get into art when you begin with stuff you’re more familiar with and enjoy. but there might be times when you need to draw something other than your favorite stuff, so take some time to experiment with what you’re not used to

Draw. EVERY. DAY. or as frequently as possible. this’ll feed your creativity and strengthen your own personal style, and you honestly do not need to go all out all the time. make a little doodle, even. a doodle of poop. who cares?? just keep drawing trust me.

There’s no “right” way to draw.. just your way! let’s face it no matter how many times you try to emulate styles of your favorites artists, something about it makes it turn out completely different.. and that’s a good thing! you didnt get into art to be a clone of another artist—you did it to invent your own artistic perspective! admire and take reference from all the good art and inspiration you find, but don’t copy them, you feel me? 

Do not put yourself down I swear to fucking hell and high water do not do this to yourself because it’s straight up stupid. you know how this makes you feel? not better, that’s for sure. yeah there’s gonna be those times where you tease yourself like, “whoo golly this looks like nasty turd,” but you shouldn’t truly believe that’s the bottom line of your skill. everybody gets bad art days, but you just need to keep going. and the more time you spend carrying on the less time there is to be a negative noot noot

And have fun! fight-o! (•̀o•́)ง

Royal Babbies

[In deference to the fact that this post is coming out just after the Scottish Independence referendum, I might be talking about the UK royals, but I’ll use the more Northern variety of babby for baby]

I’m not personally that invested in the British royal family, but as long as Australia still uses their Head of State as our own, I suppose I have a vested interest in their progeny. They’ll end up on our coins after all. Although I’m not interested in the offspring of strangers, I am always interested in names, and naming conventions. As Laura Wattenberg at BabyNameWizard points out, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have astonishingly dull taste for traditional names - which is part of their general normcore appeal. 

This is really a missed opportunity.

There are some most excellent Anglo-Saxon names - many from royalty - just waiting for a return to fashinability. Admittedly, many of them predate the current ruling family, but they are all very satisfying to say, and will mean we can bring back graphemes like ash and eth. Last time around I suggested Æthelstan, but that was after they’d had the kid.This time, here is a list of excellent old Anglo-Saxon names that the Cambridges can mull over at their leisure.


  • Eadred
  • Eadwig (although perhaps ‘blessed war’ isn’t really what we want)
  • Sweyn
  • Cnut
  • Æthelwulf ( I mean, this name means ‘noble wolf’ - how cool is that!)


If these aren’t enough for you, here is a list of hundreds of names and their meanings.

Honestly, if English isn’t your first language and you’ve been speaking it for less that 10 years and you can articulate yourself in conversation with me I am extremely impressed…

Reminder that just because someone knows English and speaks it fluently it doesn’t mean that they know the stigmas or the cultural importance of all the words.

A lot of us take in the language from things other than what is taught at school. We learn how to react when we get angry or frustrated from action movies and hospital tv shows and as a result we might not know any other way to express that emotion than by swearing. We might accidentally use slurs because we didn’t know they were seen as such, because the word in our language doesn’t carry the same emotion, or the translation was off. We might use strange, sexual or outdated phrases because we hear them in songs and think they’re common and okay to say or because we’re not familiar with all the idioms. We might use words or phrases that have great importance for certain groups or events because we don’t know the country’s history that well and therefore don’t know why repeating them is not okay. We might mistranslate our own idioms and accidentally say something we really didn’t mean to.

Learning a language is a process, and learning the cultural contexts for even one country takes a lot of time. It is also sadly left as the last task on the to-learn list.
Correct us if we are being offensive and teach us the reason why so we know not to use the words and can tell our friends too. Correct us if we repeatedly make the same mistakes or if we are causing trouble or making you uncomfortable without realising it. But please don’t assume we’re being offensive or mean on purpose. We are still learning and we are doing our best, so please don’t discourage us from speaking a non-native language by being hateful. Politely correcting our indiscretions is the best way to help us evolve and learn. Thank you.

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When I talk about pregnancy I use the term female, because it's the term used to describe those of us with uteri. Whether you identify as a man or a women is part of your gender, but biologically your body is female if you can concieve.


Female and male carry gendered connotations and nonbinary and trans people have made it very clear that they don’t appreciate those terms being directed towards them. If you’re striving to be inclusive consider using terms like DMAB or DFAB (designated (fe)male at birth.) - Paige


Hey Cyd… In case you forgot.