C'est doux, ce mot...

Langueur: Mélancolie empreinte de rêverie douce et d'attendrissement amoureux.(Larousse)

Languore: Stato di debolezza, di prostrazione fisica o spirituale. (Lo Zingarelli 2010)

Langor: diminuição do ânimo, do vigor; frouxidão, moleza; fraqueza. (Houaiss 2009)

Languor: listless indolence or inertia. (Merriam-Webster)

(La Grande Bible des Fées - Édouard Brasey)

Brian Langan

By Mandy McGee

Brian Langan is a musician from Philadelphia, PA. He is more than a musician, he is witty, a true artist and a sex bomb! I was able to catch is fun, witty side in this interview. I highly recommend checking out his numerous projects and see how artistic and sexy he is. Brian really is an amazing musician and has a fabulous voice. HA!

(Photo by Jason Riedmiller)

Mandy: For our readers pleasure who is Brian Langan in a nutshell?

Brian: It’s very tight and dark, it gets hot, real friggin hot!

Mandy: You are in a bunch of different music projects, can you describe them?

Brian: I play fuzzed out loud bass and do some singing about cosmic shit in Needle Points which an experiment in street level boogie.

I play ripper guitar and sing in Sweatheart which a dress up band that kinda sounds like 80’s party movie rock.

I play guitar and LEAD SING in Langor which i guess you’d call my solo project. 60’s fantasy pop/rock type stuff.

I also play dumb guitar and sing in Kock107 a classic rock band in the vein of Foreigner, Bryan Adams and Thin Lizzy. We’re a very sexy band!

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LANGOR - Ladyblade (by BrianLangor)


My friend Langor! Enjoy.

Langor's Indie Rock Goodness

For years, Brian Langan has been providing Pennylvania music fans with his brand of indie rock. Langan, a Scranton native, now calls Philadelphia home and boasts a resume that includes The Sw!ms, stints with The Spinto Band, Sweatheart, and his solo project Langor. Sweatheart recently opened for The Darkness in New York City at Terminal 5, just weeks after Langan sang backup for them during a Radio 104.5 studio session.

On December 19th, Langor will perform at the 2012 Philebrity awards, where he has also been nominated for “Breakout artist of the year.” You can cast your vote by clicking here

Joe Caviston // Restore It. Editor


LANGOR - Ladyblade (by BrianLangor)