Went to Hanson concert at the HiFi bar in Melbourne! I had the best time! :) ive always loved mmmbop and im so happy they played it last night and i got to hear it live plus in a room full of passionate Hanson fans, its an experience i will cherish forever. Hanson fans are amazing, i felt so privileged to be in this room to be able to be amongst this awesome relationship that Hanson have with their fans. Hanson are with a completely independent music lanel, that they run themselves. I just love seeing how much they love music and their fans. One of the best nights ive ever had, so glad i went to their concert! Cant wait to see them again when they come back! :)

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aw thats so cute! would we be like lanelle??? elley??? idk but we’d be rlly kickass and cute kinda like actual malydia omg!!!

what tumblr user do u ship me with?

Festive Red & Gold themed party straws by Papiers* for Mario & Yovita’s Wedding ❤️💛

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45 years ago tomorrow I gave birth to a 6 pound 4 ounce 21 and a half inches long baby girl. God loaned her to me for 41 years then called her back home. The depth of joy felt at her birth has turned to the depths of sorrow and grief for a life taken to early by anothers hand. Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter. Klysta LaNell Breshears Aug. 29, 1969~…

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🎁🎂🎈 Sending a very special shout out to Big Daddy (aka Rudy), Milah, Kia, Travis, Janice, Lanell &,Derekb for making my night “Amazing”!!! I’m so happy & bless to celebrate with people, I love do much🎁🎂🎈

How do we hang complicated design on smear walls?

How do we hang complicated design on smear walls?

Q. What’s a best approach to hang a design on a smear wall? The design is 20 inches by 24 inches and weighs about 10 pounds.


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A. The simplest approach (not indispensably a easiest) is a best one. Use design hooks, sole in hardware stores. They come in several sizes. For your distance and weight picture, use vast hooks. Make certain there is a handle strung from any finish of a design a few inches down from a top. It’s a unresolved wire. Use dual hooks presumably we are unresolved a design plumb or horizontally. You need dual to keep cinema from going contorted whenever an 18-wheeler passes by. Do not use any other gadgets that competence be available. You can do a good pursuit with usually a two-foot suggestion turn to make certain a hangers are turn with any other.

To establish where a hooks will go, reason a design opposite a wall, and symbol a offshoot spots with a pencil. Now, place a 4-by-4-inch square of channel fasten over any pencil spot, and make certain we symbol a symbol on a tape. Now expostulate a hooks. They are designed to be nailed during a high angle. This angle, and a channel tape, will forestall violation a plaster, presumably is it is truly smear or plasterboard or blueboard and skimcoat.

Q. Hi Peter, What is a best approach to ready and paint a rusted wrought-iron railing?


A. we was looking during my possess rusted wrought iron only yesterday when we was indicating section steps, and this is what we will do. Sand off a decay as most as possible, paint those areas with Rust Reformer, and afterwards mist or brush on one or dual coats of Krylon wrought-iron paint.

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Q. My daughter bought a residence on Cape Cod and found an aged mahogany list that was stained red. She attempted to paint it. Oh, woe. The red mark bled right by a paint. What can she do?

A. Ah, yes, stained mahogany is substantially unfit to paint though a bleeding. Sanding down to a unclothed timber substantially won’t work since mahogany is open-pored, and any mark gets stranded in a pores forever, it seems. Even complicated sanding and regulating a mark torpedo did not attain on a identical list we had. we finished adult resanding to a unclothed wood, dirty it a darker color, and varnishing it.

Q. What do we consider of air-duct cleaning? The ducts in my home are for hot-air feverishness and atmosphere conditioning. we don’t know how prolonged they have left though being cleaned, and we get no bad smells from presumably a feverishness or a atmosphere conditioning.


A. we consider air-duct cleaning is good though expensive. If we don’t know when a ducts were cleaned, chances are they need it. My ducts were 50 years aged and there was no smell, though we should have seen what came out of them when they were cleaned. Have them spotless each 10 years. And make certain to purify out a dryer opening during slightest once a year: These can fill with lint and means fires.

Q. we had difficulty with my behind door. The carpenter commissioned a new support that was short, so he used filler pieces, that are entrance off. What now?


A. Hoo-boy! You have a carpenter from hell, so get absolved of him and find someone who can build a new frame, including jambs and presumably a threshold. If we need a new door, however, we can buy a setup that includes a surrounding (frame) and threshold.

Q. Any ideas on how to get that nauseous immature things off my strew roof?


A. There are dual kinds of “green stuff” on roofs, always on a untrustworthy side. we am astounded we didn’t see my progressing columns on a subject, in that we jabbered divided on dual immature things. One is algae, a form of seaweed that is splendid immature and does not have any form or height; it sits there on a roof. Treat it with a resolution of one partial whiten and 3 tools water, or lard it with vinegar, that will kill it. Dead, it does not have to be scraped.

The other, if it has a figure like small lifeless immature plants, is moss, and it contingency be private since it can repairs a roof. Treat it a same approach we would algae, though after it dies, scratch it off with a timber spatula.

And here is how we can keep it from entrance back. Buy zinc strips during a hardware store or from a roofer. They are 3 to 6 feet prolonged and 6 inches wide. Slip them underneath a second-highest quarrel of shingles together to a shallow with 2 to 3 inches of zinc exposed. Rain soaking over a strips will broach dissolved pieces of zinc down a roof, preventing new growth. This is also effective opposite mold. The strips will forestall new growth, though will not kill existent immature stuff.

Aye, there’s a rug

The Handyman perceived several complaints after he suggested a use of area rugs. The writers pronounced area rugs are accidents watchful to happen, generally for comparison people, who can outing over a edges.

My reply: Just what are area rugs? To me, they are not separate or chuck rugs, though vast ones (8 by 12 feet), padded, and really not wall to wall. To ensure opposite tripping, we advise tacking down a edges. In a future, we guarantee to write “large area rugs.”

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