lane splitter


My daily beater was totalled by an old woman nearly 2 months ago while I was sitting at a stop sign. Lucky for me I hated the front end on it, so this (and her insurance) allowed me to get the parts I wanted. After investing a little of my own money as well, this is where it is currently at. Still has a long way to go.

Lane Splitter: deixe o tráfego da autoestrada para trás com sua moto

Lane Splitter é um jogo de moto de alta velocidade. O objetivo é simples: manter-se em pé na autoestrada fazendo o máximo de ultrapassagens no tráfego. Por vezes você terá que realizar as ultrapassagens através do chamado “corredor”. Requer Android 2.0.1 ou superior. Confira o vídeo.

Via SmartKeitai


The KZ400 is about to get started at last,I get my frame back today then it will be put into a roller. After that we will mount the battery box,seat and rear fender. Then well…everything else,the goal is to have it at Beatersville in Louisville this may. The idea is simple,short and narrow the wheel base is the same as stock,no stretch at all on this frame. I am thinking color wise black,gold,orange and root beer.