I know, I should write a BUBBLINE AU.

It takes place in the far future.  They are air-force style officers at the Time Travel Law Enforcement Bureau.   It is the bureau’s job to make sure history stays the way it’s supposed to be by apprehending thieves, crazies, or blundering tourist time travelers.  

Bonnie" is a peppy science officer, specializing in information technology.  She designs and monitors the technology that allows field agents access to information while on away missions.


Marceline" is a high ranking Lt. Col. overseeing a particularly important mission…she is serious and driven, but she may be hiding something.


And while it is a PG story, I draw this on the side sometimes. 


Then at the end I will reveal that it’s NOT A BUBBLINE AU but my OWN ORIGINAL CHARACTERS AND STORY and that I TRICKED you into caring about something small and new!  

But I won’t do that, because that would undermine everybody.  But by describing that scenario, I hope to make a point.

I see so many fans eat up stories where “Bonnie” and “Marcy”  look, act, and live completely differently than they do in the show.  So you’re clearly interested in a variety of lgbt flavored stories and characters…. as long as it has the word Bubbline attached.

Let’s try moving beyond “Bubbline.”  I love bubbline, but I’m doing the community a disservice if I make it into the only thing that gets attention.

It turns out that if you like LGBT representation,  there are a lot of great comics out there that are doing just that.   But if you keep only paying attention to one couple, and whatever AUs people write, you’re missing out on a whole lot of other examples of well-written representation of LGBT feelings.

So let’s promote more examples of diversity, instead of hyper-focusing on only one couple!  Here are some people who’s bubbline work you loved, and who’s ORIGINAL work you should love even more!

Please check out Rachel and Penny, by Lauren Zuke, who is currently working on Steven Universe.  It a really well done comic about a rockstar and her band manager, and it’s getting really goooood.

Also, you should have already checked out Sister Claire,  by the lovely couple Yamino and Summerlightning.  It is a mix of comics and illustrated short stories about nuns and witches that updates a lot and is well written.

And if you like my bubbline work, please check out updates on my game as I release more development material.  

BTW, those characters’ actual names are Lane and Dallon, and they will be important leader figures for my educational game.  No steamy art in the game, but they will be obviously close, express G-rated affection, and are canon.