landseaandair replied to your photo: So this ridiculousness got purchased today.

WHERE?! I must obtain some of this!

:) Since everyone is asking, you can get it at the Kits farmers market on Sundays. I happened to purchase mine at Harvest Community Foods at Union and Gore. And I got the last salted caramel until they get more. In the meantime, I recommend the whiskey hazelnut which was also epic.

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if you're behind the typographic sherlock gifs that are all single quotes with close ups of the individual characters... YOU ARE A GOD. I'm so tired of the overused "top fonts of 2012" all being crammed into a small busy space with a really busy gif behind it. Your quote gifs are so pleasing to my eye and brain. please keep it up. you are doing good things.

You just made me feel like a special snowflake or something.

I’m so glad a lot of people appreciate that gifset. You see, the type of gif that you mentioned, “the overused "top fonts of 2012” all being crammed into a small busy space with a really busy gif behind it.“ …I’m really not a big fan of those as well. In all honesty, I can’t do or make that type. I’m messy with my stuff (lol tmi) but when I make something, I see to it that it’s simple, clean, and shows just the right amount of feeling/expression.

Okay, now I’m energized! I wanna make giiiiiifs. I actually have a lot of ideas akbnieeiodebjmdmbhet

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but hopefully not commissioned to the point of what became of the Beatty Street Mural X(

I can’t wait until someone paints over that, legally or illegally. I know nothing of the history of that mural, why it was commissioned or what they were thinking, but it sucks.

If the city wants to look at how to successfully do this, it should look at Berlin’s East Side Gallery commissioned on old portions of the Berlin Wall.

EDIT: So I just found this and I am floored. Shame on the City of Vancouver.

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it makes me sad that there’s a fine if buildings don’t remove their graffiti within a certain time frame.

Agreed. This is incredibly infuriating. Especially in back alleys. I feel like alleys should be reserved for street artists to do with as they please and for the building owner to use their own discretion as to the removal of art.

Better yet, it would be awesome if the city commissioned an annual street art event (week long) where street artists descended on alleys to create temporary masterpieces which would last until the next year.