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hi! I agree with you about Merlin being in Slytherin, and I don't think Merlin's selflessness would necessarily put him in another house. Slytherins can be selfless too, they just tend to apply it to the people they care most about, which I think fits Merlin fairly well, if that makes sense

yeah, definitely. They’re selective with their selflessness, which Merlin totally is 

It’s actually a bit different than say, Hufflepuffs, who tend to be caring and selfless and apply it to people in general, hence why I think Gwen makes a good Hufflepuff. (though Merlin also cared about people dying during the plague in series 1 and tried to helped the Druid boy in series five, at a risk to himself, hence Hufflepuff traits as well)

I mean, there’s only four houses. I think any characteristics can be applied to any of the houses. Obviously, Harry, Ron and Hermione were cunning as well. So was Cedric Diggory to an extent.

And while I associate ambition with Slytherin, I think Ravenclaws can be very ambitious as well (just look at Gildoroy Lockhart).

Tbh, while the whole Hogwarts House system is fun, it’s so deeply flawed I’m not too worried about it. I think students should have at least been re-sorted a couple of times during their time at Hogwarts, but whatever.

ETA: Now that I think about it, Merlin might have the selflessness of Hufflepuff, but I think he has the loyalty of a Slytherin. Selective and unbreakable. Think of the Malfoys, of Snape.

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bacon is the secret ingredient of all grown and sexy meals (i don’t even know what a grown and sexy meal is omg)

this is my fault really. i should’ve known to better research the recipe’s sensual rank before i committed to buying its ingredients. rookie mistake!

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this is so sweet i’m gonna fly myself directly into the sun i cannot even handle it

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the thing with julie is: she’s a REALLY fucking realistic teenager, like i know i was like that sometimes, but like…teenagers are simply grating as fuck. like i get why she was written that way but she still bugs?

ya that’s true, i think i just watched it sooo far away from my shitty ungrateful teenage phase that i couldn’t relate at all and was just like you’re being the WORST your life is so good stop being so RUDE TO EVERYONE.

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literally exactly how i feel about julie lol also i remember watching an interview where zack gilford said he didn’t like the relationship because julie treats matt badly? i think that happened lol

that’s hilarious and he’s not wrong. matt is my #1 fave i’m sad he ended up with her cause i mean yeah right like that marriage is gonna last i’m sorry but.

I’m having one of those moments where I really just want Turtle to be awake so that I can spam her with my writings, to see if it sounds good, to have her ease my insecurities… Why oh why must you sleep?!