One Gifset Per Episode | Season 1 Episode 10 - “Burned”

L: Do you remember when Sara died? I did all this research to try to find an explanation for why the boat went down. I needed to believe that it wasn’t just an accident.
J: That is not what I am doing, Laurel. […] A turnout’s supposed to withstand temperatures in excess of 500 degrees, but the coroner said that the fire did not exceed 250. How did my brother burn hotter than the fire that supposedly killed him?


Ah looky there Laurel haters. Your “Oliver doesn’t trust her and doesn’t care about her because he lied to her” shit doesn’t fly.

He trusts her enough to tell her to protect the city. He cares enough to tell her to reconcile with her father.

Don’t pretend this scene wasn’t cut because you bitches wouldn’t be able to handle it during the great Olicity sex episode and like to pretend Felicity is the only woman Oliver cares about.