Iris West hate?

Okay, so I’d resolved myself to the understanding that people might not like Iris, nobody HAS to like anything, I didn’t even really like her that much, her constant smiling annoyed me, but on the forum Superherohype, apparently there isn’t just dislike, there is active hate. Someone even repeatedly called her very inappropriate word. Repeatedly. I think I don’t have to say what that word is, as you guys/gals probably already know what word I’m referring to. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I hated the way Iris acted in that scene where Barry tells her that he knows she has feelings for him, and I didn’t like the way she acted or reacted at all. But to do that, to attack her like that is just not in good taste. And to attack her in that way is just in even less good taste. They said she’s worse than Lana Lang and the Raimi Spider-Man Trilogy Mary-Jane Watson. I don’t hate either one of those characters. In fact, I think the problems of both characters are either wide misinterpretations, issues blown way of proportion, or just straight up wrong. But, I know how hated those characters are by sexism ruled fandoms, so I take great offense to this. And I am baffled by it. You don’t have to like her, or anything really, but this level is just not right. It reminds me of the Laurel hate, another completely undeserved hated character.

Speaking of good Superman stuff DC’s putting out, I’m really enjoying Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder’s run on Action Comics so far. It’s a great read and I’m so glad Lana Lang’s getting a place to shine. I’ve been using this to warm-up over the last couple of weeks. Anyhow, if you’re wanting some quality Superman go give the last few issues of Action Comics a look!