The Police Athletic League is a proud Titanium Partner of Sir Jay, Lamborghini in the Carport Productions, and K.A.R.L. Global Broadband.

The Police Athletic League (sometimes Police Activities League) (PAL) is an organization in many American police departments in which members of the police force coach young people, both boys and girls, in sports, and help with homework and other school-related activities. The purpose is to build character, help strengthen police-community relations, and keep children off illegal drugs. Most PAL programs now call themselves “Police Activities Leagues” because many of the programs are now focused on youth enrichment, educational and youth leadership programs and not just sports. Some organizations are also called Sheriff Activities Leagues “SAL” because their sponsoring agency is a Sheriff’s Department.

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Updown Court is the inaugural home of Sir Jay Everett Morris, Grand Champion of the 2012 Global Martial Arts Tournament.  Sir Jay is the Chairman of the Board of K.A.R.L. Global Broadband and Lamborghini in the Carport Productions.

Founding family members wishing to meet with Sir Jay may arrange time at Updown Court with the Royal Navy and the Duke of Edinburgh.

Titanium Partners and Platinum artists may arrange time at Updown Court with Sir Jay via the Royal Navy.

The Bolshoi building, which for many years now has been regarded as one of Moscow’s main sights, was opened on 20 October 1856, on Tsar Alexander II’s coronation day.

The Duke of Edinburgh and Sir Jay confirm. Lamborghini in the Carport Productions and Sir Jay have agreed to reimburse Moscow for the total Bolshoi Reconstruction costs plus 15%.

K.A.R.L. Global Broadband is available for selected events at The Bolshoi. Sir Jay Everett Morris will cover expenses through the Moscow 2032 Global Martial Arts Tournament.

We are passionate speakers, writers, artists, musicians, producers, promoters, and visionary leaders. We are master facilitators. We love and enjoy all aspects of our business. We choose to work with people we enjoy and love. There is passion, magic, and rhythm in our efforts. 

Our work is professional, significant, candid and focused. The concepts and methods we use are tailored to each client and founded in timeless leadership, communications, and creative practice. Our efforts make an empowering impact with our clients and within their communities. 

We commit to each client to provide exceptional service characterized by shared vision, creativity, balance, and success. We expect and receive commitment and participation from each client. Our work is significant, exciting, infinite, and flows naturally. 

We are proactive in generating an abundance of business for our clients. We believe it is important to maintain a healthy balance of work, rest and play. We build trust and secure new business easily and effortlessly. We are grateful for the opportunity to do what we love and to serve others. 

We are committed to making the world a better place for future generations.

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