Herbivorous Dinosaurs from Alberta. By Julius Csotonyi

“About 75 million years ago, shows niche partitioning at work. It is likely that dietary differences between each species allowed the habitat to support such a diverse population of herbivores.” Read more at Species New to Science


Ornithopods at the AMNH
Other herbivore dinosaurs at the AMNH
Armored Herbivores - Ceratopsians - Some Sauropods - Psittacosaurus
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Ornitópodos en el AMNH
Otros dinosaurios herbívoros en el AMNH
Acorazados - Ceratópsidos - Algunos Saurópodos - Psittacosaurus
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“Lambe’s lizard”
Late Cretaceous, 76-75 million years ago

Lambeosaurus was a duck-billed hadrosaur with a decorative, hatchet-shaped crest. As with other hadrosaurs like Parasaurolophus and Corythosaurus, scientists believe that the specialized crests served various social functions: noisemaking, sexual display, etc. Older hadrosaur specimens, however, automatically assumed the crests were gang symbols.


A mounted Lambeosaurus at the Royal Ontario Museum.  Lambeosaurus is a type of hadrosaurid dinosaur that lived during the Late Cretaceous period (~75 million years ago) in North America.  This bipedal/quadrupedal, plant-eating dinosaur is known for its distinctive hollow cranial crest, which in the best-known species resembled a hatchet.  The most widely excepted theory about it’s hollow crest is that is aided in social noise making, amplifying sounds.

Lambeosaurus & The Number One Naming Taboo

Lambeosaurus was named by William Parks (a famous Canadian scientist who has his own dinosaur named after him, Parksosaurus) after Lawrence Lambe, the man who originally discovered the dinosaur.

The rule of thumb in palaeontology is you can name a dinosaur after just about anything you want, except yourself. Someone else has to do that for you!

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