Damon Lamar - Tsunami Rain

Happy Holidays!

Hope everyones week went well. So I made something else that I think is cool. I now have a print available along with a other goodies and that you can find on here if interested.

Thanks for the support and staying fans of my work. The contest for new followers of my work is still continuing. At the moment it’s pretty new so I will be updating it as things get made. So as a reminder “For every 100th follower I will send that individual a personal drawing (8X11). This includes what ever subject matter you would like =) 

For every 1 thousandths follower. That individual will be getting a free custom print. And 2 personalized sketches!” =)

At the bottom I have a sneak peak of the image I’m working on currently. I made some adjustments since my last update to the face. I had to step back and find why I was not liking  it. More updates soon!



Whether she sampled it or lifted it, the fact that Igloo Australia had the nerve to add “master” to the original “runaway slave” is all the evidence you should need to validate everything Azealia Banks was saying yesterday.

Iggy Azalea is garbage.  She’s ignorant, unapologetic, and collecting stacks of cash putting on her Blackface voice and satiating the public’s need for Black culture though the lens of acceptable whiteness.


TAHY 2056 - LAB


These are the 13 best protest artists of our generation

This has been a hard year, and the Top 40 has largely failed to provide the music our culture needs to address the issues that are facing us. But luckily some musicians aren’t just playing for entertainment — there are some musicians who aren’t concerned with charting; musicians making vital, expressive and necessary music.

These are the 13 greatest protest singers of our time — the voices that might finally make the change we so desperately need.


Kendrick Lamar performs new ‘Untitled’ song 

I holla what you do, what you say

I shall enjoy the fruits of my labor if I get free today

What the black man say? Tell em we don’t die, tell em we don’t die, tell em we don’t die, we multiply