“OUTLANDER” Chapter 4: I Come to the Castle(excerpts)

“And one day in October, yon Captain Randall came along to L-” he caught himself quickly, with a glance at me, “to our place.”

 “We’d thought they’d not come so far; the place is a good distance from the fort, and not easy to get to. But they did.”

“…I was up in the fields wi’ most of the men, for it was close to harvest, and a lot to be done. So my sister was alone in the house, except for two or three of the women servants, and they all rushed upstairs to hide their heads under the bedclothes when they saw the red coats.

“…I didna stop to ask questions. We were going round and about, and I wasna doing too poorly, for all there were two of them, when Randall came in.”

…Randall had stopped the fight by the simple expedient of holding a pistol to Jenny’s head. Forced to surrender, Jamie had quickly been seized and bound by the two soldiers.

“…He was in a black fury…”

“I couldna move much, but I shouted to her that I wasna hurt - and I wasn’t, too much - and that she was not to go with him, not if they cut my throat before her eyes.”

 “… she spat in his face. She must have done, because next thing I knew, he’d grabbed a handful of my hair, pulled my head back, and set his knife against my throat.”

 “I’ve a mind to take you at your suggestion,” Randall had said through his teeth, and dug the point just beneath the skin, far enough to draw blood.


I saw Jamie’s head rise, and fix as he saw the home farm of Lallybroch below. He stood quite still for a minute, not speaking, but I saw his shoulders lift and set themselves square. The wind caught his hair and the folds of his plaid and lifted them, as though he might rise in the air, joyous as a kite.

lallybroch; a mix for the peaceful joy of returning home, no matter where or for how long; for love, for healing, for family


Ae Fond Kiss – Rachel Sermanni | Middle of June – Noah Gundersen | Early in the Morning, I’ll Come Calling – James Vincent McMorrow | Siud Thu ‘Ille Ruaidh Ghallain (There You Go, Handsome Red-Haired Youth) – Julie Fowlis | Heartbeats – José González | Lover, Find Your Cover – Joy Williams | My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose – Robin Bullock | Naked As We Came – Iron & Wine | Sweet Afton – Nickel Creek | Her Hands Were Leaves – Alexi Murdoch | Tha Caolas Eader Mi ‘S Iain (A Sound There is Between Me and Iain) – Julie Fowlis | No Envy, No Fear – Joshua Radin | Kingdom Come – Coldplay | Penelope’s Song – Loreena McKennitt

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yeah SPOILER FOR OUTLANDER BOOK ONE I guess - I remember reading the scene in the abbey where claire is trying to save Jamie with her...I dont know what like magical power of her vagina or something and he calls her "mother" and I remember thinking what the fuuuuuck but also wow this .. this is actually kinda really great writing. So I am hella curious how that will be played out.

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it’s a tv adaptation of a book that came out like… 20 years ago lmao



I was trying to find a particular gif but it’s still in my main blog’s queue so w/e but hhhhhhhhhhh

no this show is really good. I didn’t love this last ep because it felt really really heavy handed but it’s very good

Written in My Own Heart's Blood by Diana Gabaldon

Another marvelous, massive tome starring Jamie and Claire Fraser by Diana Gabaldon. This one begins pretty much exactly where An Echo in the Bone ended. In America, it’s 1778 and the American Revolution is just beginning, Jamie and Jenny have just returned, William just found out about Jamie and Ian’s scouting for the Rebels and trying to figure out how to marry Rachel. Jamie ends up a general in the Rebel army while Lord John Grey finds himself in all kinds of trouble from both the British and Rebels. In Scotland, it’s 1980 where Roger and Buck go back through the stones at Craigh na Dun to try and find Jem, while Bree and Mandy search for him around Lallybroch.

This is the 8th installment of Jamie and Claire, so if you have not yet read any of Diana Gabaldons books, chances are you are very confused by my above paragraph. Outlander, the first novel in the series finds Claire and Frank Randall visiting Scotland at the end of WWII. Claire falls through the stone at Craigh na Dun where she ends up in Scotland during the 1700’s. It is there that she meets and is forced to marry Jamie Fraser, who ends up being the love of her life.

This is my all-time favourite series…..I have probably read Outlander more times than any other novel (with the possible exception of Rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C. Clarke). I don’t know how Ms Gabaldon does it, but these novels never get old, I have never ever thought – gee , I wish she would write something else – I always can’t wait for the next Jamie and Claire adventure. These novels are mainly historical fiction with a touch of science fiction, mystery and fantasy thrown in as well. They are smart, sexy, entertaining and romantic.  I’ve been posting quotes from the novel over the past week ..…how can you not love a guy who whispers to you “then come lie wi’ me, mo nighean donn, and let me prove it”?

Other Novels by Author: Outlander, Dragonfly in Amber, Voyageur, Drums of Autumn, The Fiery Cross, A Breath of Snow and Ashes and An Echo in the Bone

My Rating: mesmerized, amused, charmed, enlightened, entertained and totally in love with Jamie

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