Lalamagic: The Vintage-inspired Fashionista

If you’ve been reading my blog for quite some time now, you’re most likely aware that I have a soft spot for dainty and vintage-inspired clothes like the ones below. I may be slowly embracing adulthood now (hello, corporate and more mature clothing), but nothing can stop me from wearing peterpan collar tops, polkadot and floral dresses, scalloped shorts, etc!

If you’re a big fan too of 500 Days of Summer or let’s just say, Zooey Deschanel aka Summer, you might have noticed too her way of styling vintage clothes in that movie! Ah! I was literally spazzing the whole time because of it (and of course, her)! She’s one of my favorite style icons and I love the way she carried her character in the movie! <3

Before this post gets even more random with my useless ramblings, one of my new favorite clothing stores, Lalamagic caters vintage-y, cutesy, lace-y and floral-y (hahaha, I’m sure you saw that one coming) clothing for the fashion hungry! They offer free shipping worldwide, too! Below are photos of my favorite dresses, tops and bottoms from Lalamagic. If I had all the money in the world, I would’ve hoarded everything from their store! :)

Who can resist these tops and blazers with cute prints and pastel colors? I got one from this collection, can you guess which? :) 

Again, these dresses remind me of Summer in 500 Days of Summer the movie, except all she wore were in different shades of blue. My favorite would be the one in the middle in the last row. However, I got a different one, can you guess which one is my second pick? :)

Shorts and skirts, of course! I love the fact that Lalamagic has everything I want in a store. I am in love with their prints and style. :) My favorite would be the one in the upper right. Interesting floral detail! 

Make sure to drop by Lalamagic and see more of their items. I’ve given you more than enough reasons to buy! :) Oh, and they’re having a sale too here!

Watch out for my outfit photos wearing clothes from Lalamagic

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Happy Holidays

Dress from Lalamagic, coat from China, bangles from Love Purple Cinth, flats from So! Fab, and sunnies from Bayo

(Hype this look on Lookbook here.)

Managed to dress up and snap some outfit photos before I headed out to do errands for the day. It was raining hard that day, and I knew I needed to keep myself warm (and dry!) so I brought the coat my sister bought when she went to China. The colors felt that it was a rainy Christmas day! Haha!

I couldn’t resist wearing these emerald green bangles from Love Purple Cinth. I love how the emerald green blends with my so-called holiday outfit. On the other hand, this could also pass as an airport outfit, don’t you think? :)

What do you think of this look? :) Keep safe and dry, loves! I’m basically bombarding the heavens not to suspend classes anymore since it’s harder to go to school when makeup classes begin! :( 

(SOLD) Sunday Brunch Red Dress

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