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For part of last week my boyfriend and I headed out to central Pennsylvania for a mini-vacation. It was nice to unwind a little, and while we were out there we got to check out a few cool local attractions. First was Clyde Peeling’s Reptiland, and then we headed to Lake Tobias Wildlife Park. I am a sucker for any sort of place that allows me to take cool animal/reptile photos, so I was in heaven.

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OK, so the other day I talked to the nice scientists from Tumblr and they were able to turn on my questions box, but there is still a problem. If I try to ask someone a question it uses my other Tumblr account that I don’t use with my real name. I don’t want 2 accounts especially one that is dead so once it’s fixed then I’ll be just thrilled!!!!!! 2.26.13


Adventure Time : Lake Tobias Wildlife Park

Went to Lake Tobias for a safari tour and it was so awesome. I got to experience American Bison, Asian Water Buffalo, Lions, Tigers, Bears (oh my!) and more!

It was such a great experience and seemed like a healthier reserve for the animals that I’ve been to since there was so much space & cleanliness around them. The landscape was beautiful…which is easy, cause I’m obsessed with mountains, but I would recommend it for a visit, especially for the fall - can’t imagine how beautiful it would look when the leaves change.

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