Vairuotojas nepaiso draudžiamo šviesoforo signalo Laisvės pr., - Justiniškių g. Vilnius

November 20, 2014 at 09:23PM via Pries Keliu Erelius Lietuvoje

Chapter 36 : Dzem Pub

After my hellish afternoon, I think I deserve – and need – some fun. That’s where Dzem Pub comes in.

This pub/club/bar… is the place to be on Tuesdays if you are an Erasmus student. Located in the Laisves Aleja, the main street of Kaunas, it is the perfect place to party, or at least it seems to be. Close to the dorm, the place only needs you to provide an ID. The entrance is free and the drinks are pretty affordable.

Every night has a theme. Tuesdays are dedicated to Karaoke, either you can or cannot sing… Music might be a little bit old school – for 1990’s generation – but it is still a good place to spend time and meet new people.