LagosPhoto features more than 50 photographers and artists from 15 countries, including Martin Parr, Kudzanai Chiurai,Cristina de Middel, Jerome Delay and Cyrus Kabiru.

The month-long event, described as the first and only international festival of photography in Nigeria, revolves around a series of exhibitions, workshops, artist presentations, panel discussions and displays of outdoor prints throughout Lagos, as well as an amateurs’ competition designed to help young Nigerian photographers develop their talents.

"The real goal of LagosPhoto is not only in the work that we show but also to show that there’s another side of Nigeria — there’s another side of Africa — and we hope that spreading that message will lead to positive change." 


A man who loves his job. Rude customers and all, still does a great job. One thing I noticed a lot in Nigeria was the huge support for the movie industry. I mean, even the music too. In stores and restaurants, there were no American movies like before but it was Nigerian movies, shows and don’t get me started on Nigerian music videos. It was so beautiful seeing these happenings. Even upstairs in this salon, there were women watching a Ghana/Nigerian movie as they did their nails. Beautiful sight!

Ijeoma Umebinyuo.