I remember the day I started at Warwick SO clearly, like it was yesterday, I was grateful to be attending a good uni but also scared my classes would be full of geeks😅. Now second year is more or less over and time literally flew by. I really can’t wait to graduate and start the next chapter of my life..


FSG (Fusion Sportsgear) presents the new silhouettes of the Sub Saharan Sneaker, which is completely hand made in Nigeria. It is more than just a shoe, it is a product with a cause.

The sales from the shoes go to paying the workers and craftsmen above current minimum wages in West Africa. In addition the patterns are designed and printed by africans locally and in the diaspora, destroying the current social construct of African print.

Future goals of the brand include donating clothing to orphanages and organising sporting events for public schools. Founder of the brand, Funfere Koroye, believes in using innovation and product development to change the current state of manufacturing and product development in Nigeria.


Spirit of Lagos

Lagos means many things to various people: The Lagoon city (from where it got its name); The land of opportunities; The melting pot of people and ideas; The city of settlers. Above all, Lagos is home to all of us.

We are Lagosians who love, and want to bring back the true Spirit of Lagos. That spirit of responsible freedom, that spirit of communal individuality, that spirit of give and take; that spirit of global excellence for which our Lagos has been known.

Together with all who live in and love this unique city, we celebrate The Spirit of Lagos.

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Dedicated to the Cultural Preservation of the African Aesthetic

Lagos, Nigeria

Nigeria’s GDP has been growing since 2012 and approaching $594.3 in 2014 and is also predicted to increase by 7.3 percent in 2015 making it the first economy in Africa. The former capital of the most populous country in Africa, Lagos is also noted to be a magnet of foreigners looking to establish business in Nigeria. The strategic location and sheer size of the population makes the hustle and bustle even more animated. If you looking for an African city to invest in or are you interested in being a part an African business revolution, well, Lagos is the place to get started. Lagos is also noted for its business centres and luxury hotels, Victoria Island which is home to a number of the Nigerian tycoons.