Wizkid FINALLY Drops New Album & it Reaches No.1 on Itunes World Chart


After a much anticipated wait, Wizkid finally released his 2nd album titled AYO(Joy) in what was dubbed a Beyonce style album release. 

Yesterday afternoon, Wizkid took to twitter to announce that his album will be released in 6 days, which would be about the 22nd September but not long after that tweet, people started talking about the album being released on itunes and after double checking for ourselves the album was actually available.

Once the social media buzz had been created, Wizkid then took to twitter again to announce that the album had been leaked on itunes, but the album was never removed and the tweet was eventually deleted.

So did Wizkid want to surprise his fans or did someone actually leak it on itunes?! We know our thoughts and judging from the how well its been received Wizkid fans don’t care either way because the album reached the No.1 position on the Itunes World Chart less than 24 hours after being released.

So I guess, people are just happy that the album has finally been released.

So support the movement and purchase your copy now! Its only £7.99/$9.99 on itunes.

And UK fans don’t forget the Wizkid concert is happening next week Friday!!


Afrobeats City


Lots of memories from our last trip to Victoria Island and Abuja before it got hectic. It was a working trip documenting transport systems within Nigeria - miss the Amala and ogbono soup. Ok don’t be wowed by the Hilton in Abuja, its crazy overrated and they charge for breakfast after you pay $450 a night for lodging. We love Abuja to bits though, so much has changed since we last came through in 2007.

photos by Kofi Anti


Nigerian Architect Kunlé Adeyemi’s “Floating School” Highlighted in Al Jazeera Documentary.

Two years ago, this pioneering floating school in Lagos’s ‘floating’ slum of Makoko was labelled as ‘illegal’ by authorities who then threatened to demolish it. This year, the brainchild of Nigerian architect Kunlé Adeyemi has been nominated as Design of the Year by London’s Design Museum.

Adeyemi’s innovative design came about after he had had several discussions with Makoko residents about how to resolve the environmental issues that concerned the local community. His design also came about during a time where the Lagos government had been threatening to evict Makoko residents and demolish the slum.

“There are hundreds if not thousands of Makokos all over Africa,” Adeyemi says. “We cannot simply displace this population; it’s important to think about how to develop them, how to create enabling environments for them to thrive, to improve the sanitation conditions, to provide the infrastructure, schools and hospitals to make it a healthy place.

“My belief is that in developing Africa we need to find solutions that can be developed by the grassroots, through the grassroots, and achieve the same level of significance as we have on the high-end projects.”

Now, in a new documentary project by Al Jazeera that looks at unconventional pioneers in the architecture industry, Adeyemi’s floating school is brought to life in the episode Working On Water, directed by award-winning South African filmmaker Riaan Hendricks, as part of the network’s Rebel Architecture series. 

Watch the series trailer here.

ETA: We’ll be uploaded the series after it airs on Al Jazeera so watch this space!

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December. 1968.

Extra photos from the soon-to-be McCartney family’s trip to Portugal.

I’d like to mention that it was on this out-of-the-blue trip that Paul would propose to Linda, who was at the time 1-month pregnant with the couples first child who would be named after McCartney’s late mother, Mary.