A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

Here’s your first bit of confirmation that the recent “Captain America: Civil War” set photos are from a scene that takes place in Lagos (Nigeria), not Wakanda!

Up top you’ll see a set photo from a week or so ago featuring Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow. Behind her there’s a man who, based on the uniform, is playing a LASTMA (Lagos State Traffic Management Authority) official. The two photos underneath are of real LASTMA officials for comparison. 

That’s just the start! More proof and some exclusive info about “Captain America: Civil War” coming tomorrow!



LAURYN HILL performs acoustic version of ‘That Thing’ speaking directly to Nigerian fans 

Ms. Hill was scheduled to perform in Lagos, Nigeria on May day but missed her flight due to scheduling issues on the part of the organizers. She however promises to make it there soon.


STRANGER Boutique, Lagos presents SPRING / SUMMER 2015 EDITORIAL #1 “MYTHOPOESIS” featuring designers PEIR WU, U.MI-1, and IAMISIGO

‘The idea of myth making is something that has interested us at Stranger for a long time. The capacity for human beings to tell stories and imbue mundane or unusual events with greater agency through the use of narrative and myth is something that we believe has a lot of power. We worked with two young artists - Adeju Thompson and Tunde Alara - on this editorial, asking them to develop characters and environments with which to transport our models and the clothing they were wearing to something that transcends the every day.’ 

Read more on creating a mythology for the editorial on Stranger’s blog http://www.strangerlagos.com/blog/


Photography, Art Direction & Styling - Stranger

Artwork - Adeju Thompson (www.instagram.com/adejuthompson/) and

Tunde Alara (https://instagram.com/olatundealara/)

Models - Uju Marshall & Toyin Oyeneye


Eyo festival, Lagos Nigeria.

The Eyo festival is a Yoruba festival unique to Lagos, its origins are really old and remain unclear. The earliest recorded festival was on the 20th of February 1854 to commemorate the passing of Oba Akintoye. The festival is held in honour of the Eyo deity Adamu Orisa, while escorting the spirit of the departed Oba, chief or illustrious indigene of Lagos, it is also held to usher in a new Oba.

The Eyo masquerade essentially admits tall people which is why it is called “Agogoro Eyo” meaning tall masquerade, the Eyo masquerade represents spirits visiting the earth thus it speaks in a ventriloquial voice, suggestive of its otherworldliness and when greeted it replies: “moyo fun e, moyo fun ra mi” (I rejoice for you, I rejoice for myself). Oyefolu T. Ajetunmobi.

The Eyo festival is not an annual festival it is scheduled at the discretion of the incumbent Oba who consults with traditional priest who further consults with Ifa(the oracle) for a confirmation on the date the festival should be held. Before the festival rituals and sacrifices are done to avert bad luck, tragedy or bloodshed as well as to ensure the safe procession and commuting of guests and Eyo masquerades respectively. 

Today the Eyo festival carries economic, socio-cultural, and political importance in Lagos state, it attracts tourists which boosts the economy, it is a way of keeping this aspect of Yoruba( its art, clothing, and its people ) culture, particularly Lagos tradition intact, and it allows the Oba(traditional ruler) to exercise their residual power.



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After a quick photography lesson from me to this 12 year Olumide in the Ijora Badia slum in Lagos. He tries to make portrait of his play mates in the neighbourhood. The Ijora-Badia slum was demolished in February 2013 bulldozers and riot police armed with Kalashnikov assault rifles stormed the slum without prior notice tearing down homes quickly leaving thousands displaced and homeless. The reason for this demolition is unclear. Some residents believe the area would be converted into an upper-class housing estate which seemed unlikely as it sits in an industrial area. Photo by Tom Saater @tomsaater #documentaryphotography#lagos#slum#socialjustice#tomsaater (at Ijora-Badia Lagos)