For starters, thank you my dear nobeerreviews for not drinking a weizen today, now I can put aside the symptoms I’d memorized in order to fake a temporary wheat allergy - until tomorrow then.

Alas, I cannot match the sad story of the Romanian brewery named for a bear, obviously a friendly beer-drinking bear who would lie around all day in the woods doing things in the woods that bears do in the woods while drunk, hardly ever eating anyone, until the evil miller forced the owners to sell the brewery which the evil miller promptly burned down, then the evil miller ground the drunk bear into coarse meal and fed it to the townsfolk with salty cheese and sour cream and told them it was good.

Wish I did though.


Once upon a time, there was a successful brewery in Cluj Romania, called Ursus. Following its success, the brewery was bought by SABMiller, then rather quickly shut down, torn down and the brand transferred to other brewing locations. People say the recipes changed as well and not for good, but this would be even less surprising. We live in a profit driven world, right? Recently, maybe trying to hop on the craft beer wave, SABMiller/Ursus opened a micro brewery and restaurant right there, in the old facilities in the city center. “Fabrica de bere” - The Beer Factory - looks nice, good food, really worth a visit. But how about the beer? There’s only one beer brewed here, this Ursus Unfiltered lager and I’m not impressed. The beer of the 23rd advent calendar day feels raw, little sour and not really aromatic, I could say an “unfinished” feeling even when there’s no residual sugar to complain about. Well, at least it’ll help your digestion.