Deonee Arnez : Deonee Versace

Shirt, pants and bracelet: Model’s own. 

Hat: Christys’ of London

Sunglasses: Persol

Shoes: Gianni Versace

Styled & shot by Johnny Valencia

The LA Fashion Report

ミネアポリスのラッパー、Nikko Lafreのミクステ。


Drew LoveやJhonny Rainといったシンガーをうまくアクセントにしながら繋がっていくのはなかなか構成として巧み。

サウンドもHip Hopとしてのトラップビート、というよりはR&B側からの解釈になるような曲が多い。Doobies ft. Drew Love なんかはNikko Lafreが客演なのか、と思うくらいにひっそりとラップしている。

Marisa Pl: back in 1989 I ran my longest distance which was 10 miles. At that time I ran but didn’t jog. Go to this link and you’ll see me with George Takei in the picture. When you go over this portion of the newsletter to find George Takei and me I also happen to know Barry Norcross - this portion of the newsletter is a tribute to him. Besides running at one time we got together to watch Monday Night Football, go to plays, watch volleyball and weekend running trips. Norcross calmed me down at the start of the Chardonnay 10 Mile race and not to freak out about running a long distance race(the longest I’ve ran before ‘89 was a 10k[6.2 miles]). I was very glad for that last second tip from him and I did run a good 10 mile run.

Lafrè: qualità in ogni dettaglio

Il marchio Lafrè affonda le sue radici nel 2006 e unisce in sè la storia di una famiglia e di una delle più importanti concerie italiane. Il risultato è una collezione Pret-à-Porter che racchiude al suo interno i contributi di diverse generazioni nella storia artigianale della lavorazione in pel … http://goo.gl/mLMVZz