Let's Get Ready To Bumble "Official" Itinerary:

7pm or earlier; Arrive in Lafayette & park on Ferry St. near 29th St. to head to the Arndt/Figg residence to find out where you will be housed & set up wherever you will be. Once we are all settled, we will head to the Pinball Arcade. 
Night rides to various mystery locations will be leaving from Pinball Arcade. Times are staggered to accommodate late-arriving riders & will be led by the following people at the following times. 
8pm – Figg 
9pm – Phil 
10pm – Rich 
9-11pm – All night rides will end back at Pinball Arcade. 
When you’re done pinballing/when the arcade closes, head back to your housing location for some hanging out/sleep! 

8am – Early morning ride with Collin if you’re awake. 
10am – Breakfast with host house. 
Noon – Meet up at Columbia Park Gates on South Street. 
1pm – Leave from park for ultra awesome day ride. 
6-10pm – Head back to Arndt/Figg residence & pitch in for pizza!! T-shirt making, wrenching, etc.. 
11pm – ADVENTURE RIDE!!! Ride will be leaving in waves & ending at Ben Hurr Tavern. 
**We reserve the right to NOT let you ride if you are shit-faced and/or not equipped with a helmet. So save your drinking for after the ride!!** 
3am – Close down the bar & head back to housing. 

What are you still doing here?? If you’re sticking around, get some breakfast & see what else we might have in store. Maybe community service, maybe naked mopedding, it’s a surprise!!