will-o-the-wisps0o asked:

Dear Future Me :)


Dear Future Me,

I hope you did well. Like I’d be really upset if you didn’t, because I don’t want to fail. Do we ever get over everything? How did it go down? Was college fun? I bet it was. I’m sure it will be when I go. How is the career choice? Fabulous? Totally impossibly difficult? Yeah. I take it we believe in ourselves finally? Still going to Disneyland I bet. Do I get engaged before 25? That would be totally cool. I really hope we’re doing something with our lives, though I know we will since I’m going to work really hard to do what I love and nothing can stand in my way, though the biggest problem is me. I bet we’re doing great! Because I know I’m strong, and I bet I only got stronger.


Me~ Makayla