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My sexual orientation is pansexual, which essentially means that I don’t look at gender but rather personality to decide if I’m attracted to you. It’s a pretty sweet deal, my options are actually endless :D

My best friend… Okay, that’s tough, because I have a lot of people I love and am close too. My best friend in DC (and I’m totally not sure how that happened since, like many of my friendships, we didn’t start off being friends, or, well, actually liking each other) is Leilani, who’s literally the biggest sweetheart you will ever meet. But there’s Sam, who has always been my rock and whom I miss like fucking CRAZY and is actually the most flawless human being ever. And there’s Jami, who is there for me at 3 am when I’m freaking out about something stupid and I’m always there for her. And of courseeeee one that I absolutely canNOT forget is Kailani, who despite our own rocky little beginning, has become the person I talk to about everything all the time. We’re going to be living that New York life together in a few years, and no one can stop us then <3

Do I like anyone? Nope, not anymore… Though there was a really cute guy in hookah last night that I see around campus everywhere and apparently he was eyeing me up last night so if I see him around, totally going to make an ass of myself and ask him out. Maybe. We’ll see.

I wish… I don’t know, I wish that sometimes I didn’t take the life that I have for granted and that I took advantage of more of the opportunities that were presented to me. I’m in one of the greatest cities in the country and world and I’m not using it to my advantage, and that kinda sucks. 

(… and I also wish I knew Darren Criss and that we were best friends who did everything together really that shouldn’t be so much to ask.)


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I ship you with the lovely Dean Whinchester because he'd be the only man that might, MIGHT, be able to handle your hot blood and hotter head. XD Besides, with all the weird shit we go through on a daily basis we might need him around. lol


And this is so true. I’d be like calling him like, ‘DEAN. DEAN. I’M AT JAMI’S AND I THINK SOMETHING MOVED OUTSIDE,’ and you’d just take the phone and be like, ‘It was a branch just ignore her’ lol xD <3

iwatchedyoufall said:

I compare you to Pocahontas and to Rapunzel almost every day, dear. Oh, and Series! Do Harry Potter!

Yayyyy!!! :D

Harry Potter
❤ male: Harry Potter (but of course ;P)
❤ female: Hermione & Tonks
✖ least favorite: Cho Chang T.T
✔ who resembles me: Hermione (especially when I don’t put anything in my hair o.o lol)
❤ most attractive: Harry Potter <33333
❤ three more characters that i like: Ron Weasley, Draco Malfoy, & Remus Lupin :)