The Thunderbluffs!!
First of all, I want to apologize if you don’t find it funny, but I have a silly sense of humor XDDD but anyway I had this idea years ago but I didn’t have trust on myself to do it, so weeks ago I said “what the hell… I’m going to do it!” XDDD

If you don’t get it… you are very young and I’m very old XDD (Hint: The Thundercats!)

"Everything is perfect." - says the queen Azshara meanwhile an army of demons pass under her balcony.

:D This morning I watched a machinima about the War of the Ancients, and I felt in love with the Queen Azshara and I loved that scene XD I always feel curiosity about her, because you can’t see her very often in the game. I will try to finish it so I can practice with backgrounds ^^

I was playing a roleplay based on World of Warcraft for several years, and when I finished the game, I realized that I didn’t make any drawing of my character!! After all these years… I thought it was a little sad, I loved the character so here she is!! Mayef Swiftwind, tauren druid of the Cenarion Circle I hope you like it!!