“Yes, apparently there is.” She snaps, “SOMEbody wants to know how I am when I’m perpetually angry.” The police woman can see how it even affects her appearance. The tips of her ears seem to be a little lower than normal, almost like how an angry cat’s ears would be. Her brown eyes were speckled with an icy blue.

And did the room suddenly just drop a few degrees?

“And whomever it was is going to know exactly why I DONT like getting angry. Because, feth it, who am I to deny someone who wants to incur winter’s wrath?”

ladylovedove asked:

//awwww, she's adorbs :3 They're all adorbs. man I wish I had the newer sims games, you can do crazy stuff with them now!

To me, the best part of the whole game are the selfies LOOL.
They are super cute and with the new Get To Work expansion you can literally put and change filters on the selfies and put them up on walls. 

Sure there wasn’t a lot of stuff when the game came out but according to the Wiki a new patch comes out every month to correct bugs and add fixes (not to mention a bunch of new stuff)! So far I got to go camping with my Sims and that was really rad and I still want to try to make an alien family just for the kicks. :>

You can tell a lot about a person from their music. hit shuffle on your ipod, mp3 player, etc. and put the first 10 songs! one rule, no skipping! tag 10 people and pass it on!

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  1. Fear: .//hacksign OST
  2. Lord of the Flame- Inkubus Sukkubus
  3. The Point of No Return (Live at the Royal Albert Hall)-  The Phantom of the Opera: 25th anniversary OST
  4. Theme for Scanty & Knee Socks - Panty and Stocking OST
  5. The Return Of The King- LOTR:RotK OST
  6. Gravelwalks Set- Seelie Court
  7. Try Again- Aaliyah
  8. 21st Century Cure- REPO! The Genetic Opera OST (It knows you tagged me shay)
  9. Beethoven: Symphony No. 5 In C Minor
  10. Stricken- Disturbed

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A special delivery for the birthday boy!  A delicately wrapped cake box containing a selection of hand made chocolate cupcakes

Attacked to the top with a card is a much smaller box.  Inside a delicate gift is nestled in soft tissue paper, a musical themed silver bangle.

The card contains the following message

To Klavier


I hope you have a wonderful day, and that this gift appears to your musical side.  See you at the party!

Love from Hattie (and Otoko!)


What a lovely little gift! He beamed at the selection of cupcakes – all of which he found he like very much; he’d save those for later – and placing the bangle on his wrist, smiling at the faint jingling sound it made when he shook it. He had to remember to thank her later!

ladylovedove asked:

What do you remember most vividly about your mother?

The only thing I personally remember about her is her singing to me.  I was much too young to remember much else, but that’s what she’d do for me, carry me around all day and sing.