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I’m sorry. That’s just sad that the first three are ones that just post millions of images. (and the first one is nudie girls, not porn but artistic nudes) I’ll have to curb my hearting some.

God’s odd Eyes

Reposting this for some of my newest and dearest friends- you fearless and beautiful few who make this world a nicer place!

God’s odd Eyes

If we believe that God is as easily offended as us, we who live a mortal life, we who live such a transient existence, then we are probably in for a shock. If God were so easily wronged, provoked, and as judgemental as us, then God has no business being a God. God is like an equation that cannot be solved merely by the science of religion, or the religion of science. God is the doubt left in the wake of angels, God is the epiphany when we finally realise a miracle is what seems impossible but happens anyway despite our objections.

We are all equal in God’s perceptions, yet not all our Gods are equal in our eyes. God is not the beauty of the dawn, but the Reason the sun burns in the darkness. God is not blame or judgement but the Reason morality exists. God is not punishment but the Reason truth burns away lies and deceit. God is the Reason we have a sense of humour, for we are fallible, and a little too full of ourselves. If you are offended then ask yourself why that is without using God to excuse the petulance of your ego. God is creation, not harm, and therein resides the immutable answer to a plethora of questions and actions that we transgress at our own risk.

A single square can never describe a circle, but how many of us can exercise true understanding without judgement, true compassion without compromise, true tolerance without definition? We cannot feel the kiss of an angel if we are wearing a mask, and we cannot feel the touch of God while we wear the suit of basic instinct and prejudice. The universe is not some grand architecture demanding a designer; rather God is the Purpose itself without the human predilection for an architect for we are flawed creatures living in a flawed life unable to understand something without definition. God by the very nature of God is the defiance of all that is human seeking to understand itself in divisions and near infinite complexity.

Only silly little people in their silly little machines waging silly little wars over something that they scarcely comprehend yet profess to understand for only a human can kill in the name of something that, by definition, abhors murder. And in the most aching permutation of sadness and dismay, only a human can molest, abuse, and ruin innocence, killing, torturing, and maiming for self serving gratification. We are our own demons in the darkness, but gladly we are also are our own angels fighting in the void of nihilism; capable creatures of creation, both horrific and beautiful, but the one thing that separates us from the monsters, the madness, and the insanity is that if we truly knew God, the strength of our convictions would be as fearless as the universe creating absolute harmony without harm – now what a world that would be!

ladylilith333 said:

Hello beautiful person! Once you get this, state 5 random facts about yourself and pass this on to 10 of your favorite followers<3 pretty please:)

Welp, guess I’ll do this.

1. My middle name is Enoch.

2. Every dog that has ever been my pet has been a basset.

3. I was born on the D.C. line, so i’m edgy (pun intended).

4. I lost 50 pounds over the course of high school.

5. I am nearsighted.