The Hats of Downton Abbey, Series 5

The Hats of Downton Abbey, Series 5

It’s that time of year again. As another year passes for the Crawley clan at Downton Abbey, and 1924 wends its way to 1925, it is time for us once again to celebrate our favorite part of the series. No, not the melodrama (which has been rather bad this year.) No, not Mary’s one liners (which have been startlingly cruel instead of funny.)  No, not even the Dowager, as snide and snarky as she is,…

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Downton Abbey Casts The Next Generation

Downton Abbey Casts The Next Generation

Children grow up so fast.

We’ve already seen this picture of Edith holding the child she conveniently had off-screen between the regular season and the Christmas special. But the other Downton offspring aren’t being kept off camera where children should be seen but not heard. They too will be making appearance. Pictures below.


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