lady gaga punk

grunge/ lucid ☯

💘When you accidentally take an awkward picture of yourself.😬😂

i’d rather be conceited and self indulgent than insecure, and deal with all the bullshit that comes with insecurity

my future partner is probably texting their bae right now about how they’re gonna be together forever. sike, see you in ten years bitch

got me spinning like a ballerina
feeling gangsta every time I see ya
you’re the king and baby
i’m the queen of disaster, disaster

🌊You can’t just love me. It’s not that easy.🚀

"why do you always wear black"
cause i’m ready for ur funeral bitch

grunge/ lucid ☯

When you can’t find your other shoe or matching socks after a late night… It’s trying times for Jennovian…

Go for it

1. The meaning behind my URL

2. A picture of me

3. Why I love my bestfriend

4. Last time I cried and why

5. Piercings I have

6. Favorite Band

7. Biggest turn off(s)

8. Top 5 (insert subject)

9. Tattoos I want

10. Biggest turn on(s)

11. Age

12. Ideas of a perfect date

13. Life goal(s)

14. Piercings I want

15. Relationship status

16. Favorite movie

17. A fact about my life

18. Phobia

19. Middle name

20. Anything you want to ask

grunge/ lucid ☯

Pants off dance off. (Ft. My Grumpy Cat Christmas Edition tee)😛


Get handy with statement bracelet rings! 

Theres nothing quite like getting your hands all dressed up, we adorn the rest of our body so why not make your hands as fabulous as your outfit! We truly understand now why Topshop went mad over harness necklaces last season, this season we’re bringing harness jewellery back with these Indian and punk inspired hand chains. The great thing about these statement rings is that you can literally (and we mean that) with ANYTHING! Top tip to get the same look: layer up your bracelets and rings and get the same effect. Aspire to the punk God that is Dame vivienne Westwood and take a leaf out of her badass book. 

These lovelies all come in at under £5, We searched high and low for the perfect statement pieces and found Topshop and eBay were by far the cheapest and the bloody best! 

(Sorry about the watermarks but a few untrustworthy people have used our images illegally without consent, ruining it for everyone else)