Hyunmin-A’s Story Clear Up

Everything I’m about to tell you was told to me by a lavely who is very good friends with Hyunmin. He followers her and talks to her a lot. Mingkitten7 Is her twitter name. If you are still confused about what I will say please ask her because she knows more about their friendship than I do.

I’m making this post only because there are a few people who think “Hyunmin is using Rise and EunB’s death to promote his song Remember me”

Now first of all how is he supposed know they were gonna die one year ago when he recorded the song. About one year ago Hyunmin-A was training at mnet academy the same place Ladies’ Code trains. Polaris and Mnet Academy were good friends so Ladies’ Code got the big room to train at. They would always pass hyunmin when he was practicing. (Here is the link to the post from EunB’s mom talking about his first visit to her x) They became really good friends and followed each other on twitter. Apparently while they were practicing he would teach her english and she would teach him korean, because he was from malaysia. Hyunmin’s company made an offer to all of the girls and EunB was the one who accepted it. EunB really loved the song a lot. Like she really loved it.

He was supposed to, after Kiss Kiss promotions were over, film a music video with EunB. However as we all know she has passed. He was supposed to debut soon with the song. He decided to turn the song into a memorial for EunB. He does not scam. Someone whose been that close of a friend to EunB wouldn’t hurt her. She was always nice to him and greeted him first. EunB really liked him and the song. It was her wish that the song be promoted. The song is called “Remember Me”. The korean media supposedly is going to release a huge article on it thats why you may have not heard of it. Also he’s from a small company and he is basically doing all the promoting on his twitter.(Hyunmin-A’s Twitter) He told my friend he would like Lavelys to spread the word of the song for EunB. This is what EunB wanted. She would want her close friend to debut successfully. We couldn’t have forseen this happening and it must be really hard for him knowing shes gone.

Hyunmin-A is not a scammer. He is a close friend of Go Eun Bi and only wants to see his song with her be remembered.

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Ladies Code   –   I’m Fine, Thank You

Just for today, I cry.
Be happy forever, good bye.
It’s okay if you think of me and smile sometimes.
I’m fine. Thank you, thank you.


Today RiSe went to keep EunB company in heaven. This week two young, talented, beautiful & warm hearted girls were given their wings.You were too young and too kind for such a thing to happen, but you’re both finally safe and in a better place. I hope all your suffering and pain that you held through is gone and you can finally find peace. Make sure you look after each other and don’t get into too much trouble, make sure you check in on your members too alright? let them know you’re okay and at peace. May you both rest in peace. Go Eunbi, November 23, 1992 - September 3, 2014. // Kwon Risae, August 16, 1991 - September 7, 2014.


         GO EUNBI                                                      KWON RISAE
         1992-2014                                                           1991-2014

                              REST IN ETERNAL PEACE


fan: who is the member that you want to take care of, the one who you feel uneasy leaving alone!

rise: eunbi!!!!!!♡

two angels may have left this earth physically, but they will forever live on in our hearts. may the two of you watch over this world together and i wish the best to your families. thank you for fighting so hard and thank you for touching our lives in such an intimate way. rest in peace rise and eunbi ♥

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[MV] Ladies’ Code - I’m Fine Thank You 

its a little uplifting to see the crosses besides risae and eunbi’s names on the ladies code wiki page rather than as “former members”. they aren’t former members and never will be. they will always be our ladies, no matter where the universe chooses to take them. rest in peace, our beautiful angels. once a lady, always a lady. 

“Love is how you stay alive, even after you are gone.” 

to the ones who lost their lives ( our lovely & pure code, eunbi and risae as well as the driver ): thank you for existing. Through ladies’ code you brought happiness to the hearts of many, and for that lavely’s will continue to love and cherish you. The driver, who also tragically lost his life, thank you for being with our girls until the end. Althoug many of us are hurt and heartbroken about this tragedy, our sympathies lie more with sojung, ashley and zuny as well as the families and friends of go eunbi, kwon risae and their driver. we will love you until forever.


Mino's message to Ladies code's EunB ? #RIPEunb #RIPRise


TRANS: Eunbi-yah, I love you and I’ll remember you (I’m Fine Thank You)

  • Mino’s msg was written in codes, or maybe coincidental. First song reads “Eun”, 2nd song “BI”..”YA”, “Saranghae” 

( with "Beat"app you can see what songs WINNER is listening)


NOTE: For those who don’t know , Mino ,Block’s P.O and Ladies Code’s EunB went to the same high school. Mino and P.O are best friends

pics via : @smilgain5 / @taehyunseyebrow
trans: @chrissy96_


"in cards and flowers on your window
your friends all plead for you to stay

sometimes beginnings aren’t so simple
sometimes good bye’s the only way”

#StayStrongLadiesCode #RIPRise #RIPEunB