Lack of Posts

Hi Friends!

I’m such a BAD blogger/friend!  OMG… me so sorry :(

February has been a challenging month I tell you!  My mind and heart have not been in sync for the better of the month.  Plus, I’ve been having to manage some super stressful situations, which really hasn’t been helping to lighten the mental burden.  You know how it is…  we all go through these things every so often…. I think.

Anyways, that’s why I haven’t been posting.  So now you KNOW!

It’s Saturday morning and I feel like I have a BAGILLION things to do.  Things on the go???

  • gym
  • clean room
  • write a beauty product review
  • cook some food
  • finish my fitness goals poster - me is so excite about this

I’ve been wanting to write more about my fitness experience with you, but I tend to get in over my head and obsessed about things I’m really into. I want this blog to be inclusive about all things I enjoy and love.

Anyways, I’m going to do my morning routine and get on with my day.

Hope yours is a beauty!  Chat soon… MUSH!