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Design just for fun; I love her a whole lot but I’ll be putting her up for adoption on dA later today.


Photos of the Adventure Time exhibition for my last trip in Taiwan (*”・∀・)ノ

It was pretty expensive for such a small exhibition I guess, but it was so satisfying to see all the characters turning into 1:1 figures, and all the chibi versions of locations like the Tree Fort and Candy Kingdom in real life!  Prefect for bringing your kids and take funny photos with the characters indeed.

They really have an eye for details as well, like the hidden Snail and drawings in Marcelline’s house. I spent so much effort on Snail hunting that a stuff actually asked me if I’ve dropped something!

Also yeah if you have been wondering, Adventure Time is really popular in Taiwan! They play it every night for 2 hours straight on their local Cartoon Network channels, and even produced their own toy snacks with miniature legos. It’s as popular as Pokemon in Japan \@u@/

More photos in my imgur album! (●’◡’●)ノ


"I’m your… girlfriend."

if adults act like the concept of more gender options than male and female is just too complicated to accept then they should know that when i was walking with my 12-year-old brother, i mentioned that i don’t want to be a girl so he asked if i want to be a boy instead, and when i said no he responded “well then you can just be neither” and ran off to go play with his friend it was literally that simple for a little kid to comprehend non-binary genders

sell your soul at cost / buy the bar another round / make yourself the boss / pay your workers sh*t and tax the ground

a mix for william strife; expert businessman and solutionist extraordinaire.


i. empire - alpines // ii. warriors - imagine dragons // iii. money - i fight dragons // iv. retirement - the kaiser chiefs // v. the trick to life - the hoosiers // vi. spaceman - the killers // vii. modern way - the kaiser chiefs // viii. modern mafia - athlete // ix. work song - fallulah

#1 Holding Hands

They don’t hold hands much.  They used to, back when they’d first gotten together.  It’d been simple and easy and they hadn’t felt they had much to hide and they’d walk around with their fingers clasped together and swing their hands back and forth and Dan’s thumb would trace up and down Phil’s knuckles and it felt nice, felt close.  But people don’t really just hold hands at random all that often.  Normally there’s a reason - we’re walking around together; I want to show that you’re mine; your hand is cold and I want to warm it up - and when you’re in a private relationship, you can’t really succumb to those sorts of desires.  Phil can’t find Dan’s hand while they’re walking on the pavement and slip their fingers together, his thin and chilled ones contrasting perfectly against Dan’s thick and warm ones.  Day and night, Yin and Yang, or something like that.  He can’t, it’s not allowed.  They’re not allowed.

But sometimes they do.

In the lift.  Sometimes Dan holds Phil’s hand in the lift because he can and he wants to touch him and he wants to stroke his fingers down his knuckles.  Sometimes it’s at the BBC, when they’re walking through the corridors, and Dan just reaches out and snatches Phil’s hand up in his own and they swing their arms back and forth where no one can see them, and where it wouldn’t even matter if anybody did.  Sometimes it’s on the couch, when Dan is spooning Phil from behind because I don’t care if you think you’re wearing the trousers in this relationship you’re still just a little spoon in trousers deal with it, and he just reaches out and finds Phil’s hand and laces their fingers together from behind and keeps them like that because he can and because the back of Phil’s hand feels cool against his palm.  

They hold hands in places and situations that many wouldn’t bother to, because they can’t do it all that often and such a simple thing as intertwined fingers is such a privilege to the both of them, so rare.  Holding hands is something they never want to live without, and it’s still special to Dan, to Phil, even after all these years.


"If you listen to the score by itself you would never know that this is a comedy. Some of the shots are very [something]. And I think that was very smart on Armen’s part, just because (…) it makes the comedy bounce out that much more. It makes it pop out, it makes the comedy erect." - Robin Dunne on Space Milkshake


Tropes in HoND: Anti-Hero — Gentleman Thief

"An Archetypal Character who is almost as common in modern fiction as the Ideal Hero, an antihero is a protagonist who has the opposite of most of the traditional attributes of a hero. He may be bewildered, ineffectual, deluded, or merely apathetic. More often an antihero is just an amoral misfit. While heroes are typically conventional, anti-heroes, depending on the circumstances, may be preconventional (in a “good” society), postconventional (if the government is “evil”) or even unconventional. Not to be confused with Big Bad, who is the opponent of Heroes (or Anti-Heroes, in that matter).

The male version of the Classy Cat Burglar may lack the cat jokes and themes, but he makes up for it with roguish good looks coupled with a breeding and style that manifests as a suave and debonair manner. He’s usually a charmer, too — think James Bond without the government authorization. Cary Grant used to play this type of character frequently.”


Monroe + Duncan’s death | 2.17

"Tell me what happened."


programs of the last olympic cycle: 2010/11 season

Schenkst Du Beim Tango Mir Dein Herz, Nights and Days (SD) x
Hip Hip Chin Chin, Temptation, Mujer Latina (FD) x


take it all away by JumpinBarrels

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I ship yours and thimblings art work. Yep.


I SHIP ME x THIMBLINGS 5EVER you know those guilty celebrity+self-insert ships when you are like *whispers* me x Natalie Dormer this is exactly like that

she does not know about this

scratch that, she definitely knows about this bc our interactions are pretty much: 

disclaimer: i do not actually know what ashley smells like but my scientific guess would be genius