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thank u bless

1. now I don’t get if the question is asking if I want a relationship or if I want to be in one with a boy or girl but I guess my answer would be sure why not and boys are nice and so are girls so it’s all good

22. oh man I talk to my best friend taylor about a lot of stuff and we have a strong bond of trust which is nice

35. anywhere you say? maybe some place in new york or toronto where it’s really quaint but if I want to be surrounded by the busy city it’s only a drive or train ride away

42. soul-mates are weird because it’s like you don’t really know they could be anyone and a soul-mate doesnt have to be a lover or anything they can just be a random person you meet once in your life and exchange a cup of coffee or get tipped by them at a restaurant it’s just another person to live for I guess maybe I’m thinking too hard but yeah I guess they can exist why not

44. I mean not badly but it’s a thing that has occurred I guess like little things can give you heart break 

45. distance sucks and relationships suck too so it’s one big sucky thing but I really commend people in those kinds of relationships because you’re strong and committed and you love someone unconditionally 

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