Celebrating 25 years of the GIF with Lacey Micallef

Too much junk food will certainly rot your teeth. Or if you’re Lacey “lulinternet” Micallef, it will make you famous. Micallef has filled her Tumblr with colorful GIFs of flying pizzas, tacos, and donuts that will have you licking your lips.

“The GIF is perfect for the quick, looping animations that I do and without them, I’d literally be nowhere in my ‘art career.’”

(via Acclaimed artists commemorate the 25-year anniversary of the GIF)

Behind lulinternet: Lacey Micallef’s junk-food GIF empire

Lacey Micallef is perhaps the quintessential Tumblr artist.

Her prismatic, pop-fantasy GIF art resonates with the community to the tune of hundreds of thousands of reblogs. Using motifs of junk food, rainbows, and 4/20 culture, her work possesses an undeniably hypnotic quality, making her blog, lulinternet, an absolute must-follow account.

Micallef’s acclaim extends beyond on the realm of Tumblr, though. She works full-time as a GIF artist, with a resume that includes projects for Tim and Eric, Frederator (the studio behind Adventure Time), and AMC’s hit drama Breaking Bad. She also set to work on an undisclosed project for an Adult Swim show.

“I’ve definitely been really lucky with the work I’ve been getting,” Micallef told the Daily Dot. “It’s all been totally unexpected.”