Please step away from the computer. Retreat.


Friends, it’s our first Bananafish retreat at Lacawac Sanctuary, ( among the Poconos mountains of Pennsylvania, in their hundred-year-old lakeside lodge. There is the forest in which to catch the fall colors and rediscover that youthful and gullible creative spirit.  A dock (with boats).  A lodge (with a fireplace itself the size of a studio apartment).  Our very own pristine glacial lake (this is a rare thing around here) and yes, a northern boreal bog.

October 20-23.

We have the lodge all to ourselves.  There will be mornings silent and clear for writing, creating, or conjuring.  Afternoons for relaxing and recreation, guided discussions and critique sessions early evenings. (No participation is mandatory.)

Brilliant experts: For your publishing and bizz edification, John Oakes, co-founder of OR Books ( will join us Sunday to give the low-down on the wild 2011 publishing landscape, and to share war stories from back in the day with Grove Press, publishing the likes of R. Crumb, Cory Doctorow, Andrea Dworkin, and Abbie Hoffman. And social media marketing maven, Simone Grant, ( will give us the dope on leveraging your tweets, tumbls, blogs and whatnot.  (She handles social media for NY Times bestsellers, so she has the juicy gossip, too.)

Included:  Shockingly tasty vegetarian meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks – prepared on site by Bhagavat Life (of NYC’s Bahakti Café).  One free coaching session with Kurt is included for each participant, and daily yoga with Becky Jeffers.

Thursday afternoon, through Sunday afternoon, October 20-23. 

All meals and lodging (two to a room) included. 

Pricing:    $365/person, double occupancy. 

 More information:

Beware of faeries; management is not responsible for changeling behavior or articles apprehended by supernatural beings.


Goals At The Edge

Edges are the boundaries between two or more biological communities, like the transition from land to sea. The most productive and resourceful edges are the kind that stretch on for miles, generating rich and prosperous ecological landscapes. These ecotones are where the most sustainable environments are free to grow and develop through cohabitation with hundreds of interconnected species. I’m at an edge in my life; here are my edge goals


1. Increase social media presence.

2. Apply for local and international residency.

     >Lacawac Artist residency in The Poconos: due May 1

     >Terra Vivente residency in Guardia Sanframondi, Italy: due Feb 15 

3. Go to France for 2 months this fall for a study abroad


1. Work towards environmental sustainability.

     >Eliminate wood stain and toxic solvents from my artwork

2. Expect at least 3 different jobs.

3. Graduate school decision.


1. Work towards owning and curating my own gallery space.

2. Cross some things off my bucket list.

3. Make this transition as tumultuous and productive as possible to truly prosper from all the benefits of the edge.

    BONUS!  The actual bucket list I wrote as a 13 years old, stumbling through the transition between a child and teenager. It’s surprisingly more thoughtful than I remembered, while still embarrassingly trite at the same time. These days, I’m just a stumbling 20 year old attempting to bridge the edges from student to professional, painter to creator, and girl to woman.

Maybe I’ll finally make it through that haunted house in Canada without quitting on the first floor. Then again, #12: time travel probably has a better chance of happening.