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I've never played Mass Effect, despite people telling me it's good. What is it about the series that you find interesting and fun? What hooked you on the series initially? Do you like the more action-oriented direction it ended up going in?

Oh, biiig question.


With a biiiig answer :( Sorry for the following walltext. :( I did my best, but… well, you will see it was not my best. XD.

Let me see if i can explain all this with my english skills level 11/30. My apologies in advance.

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“I don’t know… I think you are going to be killed sooner than I expected” said Marcurio when the battle had ended. The elf had conjured another new thing; and of course, it had to be draedic. He was a box of endless surprises.

The elf extended his arm in the air, and the bow extinguished, leaving a remnant of blue energy over his palm which did not last more than a second.

“You have not to concern beyond your 500 septims” said the elf without looking the man.

“Yeah, I guess. Raising deads which suddenly are controlled by the enemy and attack us, conjuring those flaming things that more than a time exploded at my side (and that was painful, you know), and now a bow and arrows made of draedic energy… Everything conjured at once. What could go wrong?”

Marcurio looked the atronachs. They were useful, he could not deny it, but also they were erratic. He should thank that, at least, they were less creepy than those walking corpses groaning and moaning at their backs. Marcurio shivered.

“Also, you must stop stealing people’s souls all the time. It’s fine when you kill those stupid Draugs, but… when you did it with those thieves… they are bad guys, yes, but…”

“The 500 septims were the only price you asked me for your services, do not add moral conditions you didn’t say before.”

The elf looked him sideways, and kept walking into the dungeron.

“Sometimes I think you should eat one of those soul gem. Who knows, maybe it develops a soul in you.”