The leader of a listed hate group has been found innocent of a mischief charge, after distributing graphic homophobic leaflets at a Canadian university.

Peter LaBarbera – the head of homophobic hate group Americans for Truth about Homosexuality – was initially detained at the border in April, while attempting to enter Canada.

He was eventually allowed to enter the country – only to be arrested a day later for refusing to leave the University of Regina, Saskatchewan, where he had been distributing “graphic” hate literature without permission.

However, LaBarbera and fellow activist Bill Whatcott were both found not guilty by Judge Marylynne Beaton of the Regina Provincial Court this week.

The judge wrote: “The validity of [their] beliefs are not in issue.

“I find that the purpose of (their) attending the University of Regina was to communicate information and their actions were passive and non-aggressive. The university’s response was disproportionate to the peaceful distribution of flyers.”

LaBarbera claimed: “It is preposterous in a country that claims to be free to criminalize dissenting speech at a public university.

“Yet this is what University of Regina administrators sought to do by cowardly attempting to banish Bill Whatcott and me from their campus.

“In the process they dishonoured their students–who deserved better than clumsy attempts at censorship justified by condescending and odious appeals to ‘protect’ them from ‘hate’.

“The Left in Canada, as in the United States, does not want debate but rather control.

“They fear unfettered exposure to moral truth and compelling facts about homosexuality–hence their campaign to silence Christians and others who speak out against sexual immorality and gender rebellion.”

Americans for Truth about Homosexuality is listed as an active anti-gay hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Centre.

Peter LaBarbera came to my college to “expose” the “gay agenda.” He wasn’t expecting what would happen instead

I no longer go to this school. But I’m so remarkably proud of the people there right now. An amazing teacher (who I have the honor of saying is a former teacher of mine) wrote this article, and I’m sure you may have seen stuff floating around about it. But it’s so important, and so rad that we’re making movements like this 
AND Labarbera was arrested in Canada for refusing to leave a college campus when he was asked to stop spreading his hate and take it off campus. 

I know that this is a small victory but it’s a victory and the fact that it came right from home and people that I know just makes me glow inside. -H


start at :31 to see LaBarbera make an epic save. i mean, i was ready to call this a loss, but NO. we won it with our back up goalie. you go glenn coco.

i almost threw my computer on the ground when this happened. it was magical.

Nearly two years into President Obama’s second term, a do-nothing Republican Congress is focusing on its next project: the 2014 midterm elections. But that effort might be complicated by increasing pressure from the party’s base to turn Congress’ energy to impeaching President Obama. The impeachment call, which has existed on the right-wing fringe since the start of Obama’s presidency, has picked up steam in recent weeks as it has been endorsed by right-wing media figures, activists and elected officials.

This has put Republican congressional leaders in a tricky spot as they attempt to placate their base without alienating moderate voters. When House Majority Whip Steve Scalise appeared on Fox News Sunday this week, he continually dodged the question. Ted Cruz similarly batted away a question about impeachment, calling it politically unfeasible. Right-wing leaders including Pat Buchanan and Tom DeLay have urged caution in the impeachment campaign, although DeLay said he would personally “love to impeach him.” Likewise, Karl Rove has warned that when it comes to impeachment, “the politics of it are all wrong.”

Even Rep. Steve Stockman of Texas, who last year distributed to every office on Capitol Hill a book on why the president should be impeached and removed from office and hired an attorney to look into impeachment, is now backtracking and warning that impeachment proceedings could benefit Democrats in the midterm elections.

Now, House Speaker John Boehner is claiming that talk of impeachment is a Democratic “scam” to win voters…an odd claim since it’s members of his own party who have been beating the drum about impeachment.

But it might be too late for Republicans to backtrack on a steady buildup of rhetoric questioning the president’s legitimacy, love of country, and authority to govern, which has led to increasing calls for impeachment from right-wing lawmakers, activists and media personalities… although nobody can quite agree on what the impeachment should be for.

  • In a radio interview last week, Rep. Michele Bachmann said that she believed the president has “committed impeachable offenses” but that first “the American people have to agree with and be behind and call for the president’s impeachment.”
  • This month, Rep. Lou Barletta of Pennsylvania said that there are “probably” the votes in the House to impeach the president for “absolutely ignoring the Constitution, and ignoring the laws, and ignoring the checks and balances.”
  • Also last year, Rep. Kerry Bentivolio of Michigan said that impeaching the president would be “a dream come true.”

h/t: Drew Courtney at RWW

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